10 irresistible kitchen designs for Singapore homes

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10 irresistible kitchen designs for Singapore homes

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인더스트리얼 주방 by Simona Garufi 인더스트리얼
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The power of good food can never be underestimated, especially when it comes to making your family happy on weekends or special occasions. And to cook something awesome, you need a beautiful as well as practical kitchen. Designing the dream kitchen may not be always easy, especially if you're short on space. But creativity and clever ideas can help you achieve your goal! So check out these 10 fashionable kitchens and pick one which inspires you to create a stunning cooking space for yourself.

1. Layered counter

A counter with sleek double layers like the one shown here can be very unique and functional. You can arrange all daily ingredients neatly, and they will be close at hand when you're prepping or plating.

2. Rustic beauty

Take a step back from modern kitchens and give this rustic yet stylish design a shot. Bricks and wooden surfaces create a very earthy and homely ambiance in this kitchen, designed by the architects at GGAP Arquitectura

3. Intelligent integration

The kitchen here merges almost seamlessly with the dining area, making socialising easy. The top of the counter between these two zones acts as a bar counter when needed. It can be folded down, too, so that movement between the kitchen and dining becomes smooth.

4. A small table

By installing a small dining table in this kitchen, a cosy breakfast nook has been created. It is wall mounted and sleek, with round wooden stools adding personality to the space.

5. Simple yet elegant

Pure white cabinets and chic open shelves make this spacious and bright kitchen look simple yet elegant. The pretty bowls, sauces and seasonings are part of the decor too, while the kitchen island looks truly stylish. The wrought iron chairs accompanying the island are exotic and complement the chandelier.

6. Space-saving setup

We love how a natural wood dining table has been attached to the sleek kitchen counter to save space. This makes socialising with the chef easy, and the transferring of dishes from kitchen to table less difficult.

7. Black and bold mosaic

Black mosaic tiles add a luxurious and unique look to this modern kitchen. Stainless steel appliances and bright lights bring some extra pizzazz.

8. Exclusive design

The raised white platform on the wooden table adds a whole new edge to this soothing kitchen. Smooth white surfaces look chic, while wood ensures warmth and cosiness.

9. Full of personality

Done up in an unusual combination of dark grey and sunny yellow, this kitchen looks dynamic, smart and very stylish. A couple of metal racks near the ceiling hold floating shelves for arranging seasonings and sauces. Very ingenious!

10. White and wooden charm

Simple yet sophisticated, this kitchen epitomises the beauty of white and wooden design. Neat cabinets and shelves hint at clever organisation, while small potted plants look refreshing.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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