6 hot tips to save money on your heating bills

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Some days it feels like we’ve had all we can take of the cold! The excitement of winter has come and gone and we’re anxiously waiting for the days to become longer. There’s nothing as comforting as coming in from the cold and feeling the warmth and glow of your toasty house. We want to help you make that feeling last without breaking the bank and cranking the thermostat.

Today we’re sharing our favourite tips to help you save money on your heating bills. Try using some of our tips to cut back on your home heating costs. It’s environmentally friendly to find ways to save energy and it helps out with your bottom line. 

1. Check your furnace and drain the radiators

The first place to look for home heating savings is at your furnace and radiator. Make sure you’ve bled your radiator recently so that it’s running efficiently. It’s also a good idea to get your furnace serviced. A well-running furnace is safer and more efficient. Try to keep it clean and in top shape.

Also, if you have an aging furnace, you might want to consider an upgrade. Newer models are more low-maintenance. They can help you save money in the long-run! There are even financial rebates and incentives to upgrading your heating in your home. Search Canada's ENERGY STAR directory to find out how you can qualify.

2. Check for drafts and use window stripping

Find out if there are any drafty doors and windows in your home. Install weather stripping on those places where you can feel the cold air rushing inside. You can try putting on clear plastic insulation on your windows to keep the heat inside.

Planning on renovations? Consider installing double paned windows. The thin layer of air between the panels will help you slash your heating bills!

3. Fake it till you make it

Colour psychology has a big effect on the way we live our lives. Rooms decorated with warm, vibrant colours might make you feel more toasty at home. Saffron yellow, papaya orange, and cedar red tones brighten up your home. No need to touch that thermostat!

Another way to fake warmer temperatures inside is to dress accordingly. Living in Canada, you can't expect to wear shorts and a tank top at home all day! Put on a sweater. Invest in cozy slippers and fluffy socks. Especially when you’re unwinding at night. If you’re on the couch then cover up with a blanket and relax. Know that you’re busy padding your pockets with savings.

4. Before you sleep

Before you go to sleep for the night, close curtains, blinds, and doors. Close the door to unused rooms like your laundry or office. Close the curtains and blinds to keep the heat inside. Then, in the morning, you can open them up again so they can warm up in the weak winter sun.

Connect with professionals on homify today to help you find more money saving design solutions for your home. 

5. Pop open the oven

Here’s a tip I learned from my mother that’s been passed down in my family for generations. Sometimes the oldest trick in the book is the most helpful! If you’ve just finished using the oven, pop the door open. You already paid to heat up the oven! Why not double dip and let that energy heat your home, too? The kitchen is an easy place to stay warm and snug. The coffee machine and tea kettle are handy as you like. 

6. Shut the flue up

Using the fireplace in the winter is the ultimate way to stay toasty! If you’re the adventurous type and have a wood burning fireplace, be sure to close the flue after your fire is out. All the heat you’ve managed to accumulate will escape out an open flue. Need to warm up? Browse through our guide to picking out the perfect fireplace.

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