12 Ideas for a perfectly organized kitchen

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12 Ideas for a perfectly organized kitchen

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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With our elaborate cuisine and all the different appliances used to make them, it can get really tricky to organize the kitchen space of your house. But if you organize everything in the best way possible, then you can fit almost everything in even the smallest space

Here are 12 great ideas to layout your kitchen design for better results.

1. Workstation

It is crucial to have ample of workstations around the kitchen to utilize the counters for preparing ingredients before actually cooking. Central island counters like this make kitchens a good place to eat and chat.

2. Size does not matter

No matter if your kitchen is small or big you can still fit-in an “L” shaped counter top to maximize your space. Like in this small kitchen, the designer has used the space available above and below the counter for storage.

3. Open shelves

If you like to make quick meals then open shelving is the best option. This gives you an organized storage space and reduces your ingredient hunting time in half. As seen in this picture you can easily reach for your things within seconds.

4. Pantry

homify의  주방, 컨트리

Bespoke oak larder


Every kitchen must have a pantry to store the essentials. Utilizing your pantry cupboard to the fullest by installing different shelves is a great idea. This picture shows how efficiently the designer has used the cupboard doors for additional space.

5. Vertical space

If you have a small kitchen then the best way to increase storage is by using the space available above your counters. Like in this picture the designer has installed a utility rod with different hooks for hanging your pots and pans.

6. Hanging shelves

Another great way for you to organize your kitchen is by adding hanging shelves in dead spaces. For example this designer has utilized the roof for extending downwards shelves right above the kitchen sink.

7. Counter heights

The easiest way to increase storage capacity in your kitchen is by altering the heights of your counters. The designer of this kitchen has extended the height by just 6 inches which gives the cabinets more room to store.

8. Open space

chris+ruby의 현대 , 모던

Longboard Cherry by chris+ruby


We all know that every kitchen needs a bit of open space to store random things. Shelves like these can be a great alternative for such needs. They can also be beautified by adding some potted plants like the designer did in this kitchen.

9. Nooks and corners

homify의 컨트리 , 컨트리

We do not realize how much space is wasted by leaving kitchen corners unattended. Using every inch of space that you get is the best way to organize your kitchen. Pull-out corner cabinets like this can be good for storing small items like canned foods.

10. Appliance cupboard

We all use numerous small kitchen appliances to make our daily lives convenient. Things like slow cookers, grinders, and juicers are not used daily. Creating an individual cupboard like shown in the picture can be an excellent idea to store such appliances out of sight while they are not in use.

11. Individual space for everything

ALNO AG의 클래식 , 클래식

There are numerous small items that an indian kitchen holds. Things like silverware and glassware must have individual cabinets dedicated to their storage. By doing just this the designer for this kitchen has made the space look more organized and clean.

12. Grocery baskets

ALNO AG의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

Groceries are a staple in any kitchen and to store them properly is a must. Certain staples like fruits and vegetables are perishable. So storing them in cabinets is not permissible. Alternating cabinets with such baskets can make sure your veggies stay fresh for longer.

To get more such design ideas check out this ideabook.

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