The one-storey home that is pretty and practical

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The one-storey home that is pretty and practical

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
두상자 집 모던스타일 주택 by 로움 건축과 디자인 모던
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Beauty forms just part of a home’s appeal – we can all agree that functionality is also quite crucial to ensure a happy existence. Well, when it comes to usability and fine construction, you would have to look pretty far to beat the single-level home we’re exploring today. 

Located in South Korea, this modern little structure consists of one main volume divided into two distinct areas. In addition, it has two outdoor areas that cover two sides of the home and a very low-maintenance landscaped garden

In short, it's the perfect low-maintenance home for those who want a dwelling that looks good yet feels great! So, scroll ahead to see if this could be your dream home…

Low-maintenance landscaping

Even access to the house is quite easy, seeing as the structure is built on a perfectly level landscape. And speaking of landscape, because it’s quite a dry region, the builders have sought to minimise the problem of dust by installing a series of stone pavers throughout the area. 

You know what that means: minimum gardening for those who don’t like to dig around in the dirt. 

However, should you do require expert gardeners or landscape architects, have a look at our professionals page for some options.

The modern façade

The house is divided into two volumes, connected via each other by a central passageway. This serves to create some privacy between the different living areas, and results in a design that is quite unique. 

But what do you think about the façade in terms of colours and appearance? We think the grey brick, steel roof and white finishes of the windows, doors and beams flawlessly add to the “light” ambience of the house, making it feel like a perfect little summer home.

Portal-style openings

The passageway that connects the two volumes has an unusual roof light or portal light that allows lots of light to pour into the home. It also has a big effect on the air circulation in the home, ensuring that hot air doesn't become trapped.

Keeping it cool

One of the best ways to help keep a house cool is by installing deep eaves, as seen here. These touches prevent sunlight from directly hitting the windows and can also make a difference to your electricity bill in terms of cooling.

Fine quality

The minimalist design of the house really highlights the handful of elements on display, also enhancing the fine quality of the construction. Notice, for example, the black galvanised steel roof with its fine lines, and how this combines with the landscaping, wooden terrace and Zen-style garden that all flaunt a strong linear look, yet also play about in the same colour palette. 

Very straightforward, yet truly practical – the perfect little house! 

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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