A fabulous home in Amritsar full of surprise!

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A fabulous home in Amritsar full of surprise!

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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Today we would like to take you on a tour of a fabulous home in Amritsar. We will feature two unique bedrooms, an awesome kitchen, a radiant puja room, and a luxurious lounge in this tour. The interior design of this house is a mix of casual, industrial, minimalist, and elegant; making it interesting and unique. 

Let's browse through some of these beautiful pictures of this fab home in Amritsar, and be inspired by its beauty and function. Let's check out the beautiful creations of Tuli Architects and Engineers, based in Amritsar. 

Radiant puja room

The radiant puja room pictured here shines like a ray of light with its orange glow and soft lighting. We love how the orange blinds glow with the soft lighting coming from the cabinet where picture frames with deities have been placed. The blinds give the effect of a sun setting with its rays of light radiantly casting a spectrum across the sky.  

The om symbol on the wall is lighted up, while the Ganesha statue sits on a separate platform so that the cabinet behind it acts as a backdrop. Overall, the orange theme of this puja room makes it bright and positive. 

Chic bedroom

This chic bedroom in blue and white is minimalist and modern. Although the accent wall behind the bed is also white like the rest of the room, it stands out like it's supposed to be because of the brick design. The brick design gives the room a polished industrial look. 

We love how the unique headboard is made of different colored cushions arranged casually. The unevenness of the headboard gives the bedroom a casual feel which is relaxing. It says it's alright that things are not completely perfect. 

Luxurious lounge

The shiny golden color, the glamorous fake ceiling, the elegant wall decor, and the spacious couch make this space suitable to be called a luxurious lounge. The unique sofa is reminiscent of a golden crescent moon and can seat about ten people simultaneously and comfortably. 

Next, let's take a look at another bedroom. 

Classy bedroom

This classy bedroom borrows some inspiration from the luxurious lounge we saw before with its golden hues and elegant walls. The neutral color scheme is perfect for adding colorful decor along the way. Overall, the bedroom has a classy yet relaxing feel. 

Browse through bedroom designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration. 

Modern kitchen

The color scheme of this modern kitchen is simply fabulous and practical too. The walls are white and bright and the floors are light colored, giving the kitchen a spacious and fresh feel. The kitchen countertops are black, while the cabinets mounted on the walls above are both grey and black, making it practical so that spots and stains don't show easily. The grey and black also creates a nice contrast with the lighter colors in the kitchen. 

This kitchen is also composed of a lot of patterns which is usually rare in a modern kitchen. The walls have a subtle geometrical pattern, and there's even a unique white wall panel with abstract patterns, lighted up and framed. Finally, the cabinets also have interesting jigsaw puzzle patterns. 


The hallway is optimized by adding storage units along the narrow walkway. This shows that this house has been designed with space efficiency in mind, which is a very important factor in the design of a house. 

A lighted up mirror at the end of the hallway makes the narrow corridor appear larger than it actually is. 

TV wall

This TV wall is made grand with the elegant wallpaper we saw in the luxurious lounge. In addition to this slice of grandiosity on the wall, it is also lighted up so it shines and becomes the focal point of view.

We hope you've enjoyed this tour of a fabulous home in Amritsar. For more ideas and inspiration, have a look at a home with a golden touch

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