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Interior renovation of a Huntingdonshire home

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Today on homify 360° we delve into a delicious project that is located in Chapel Lane in Huntingdonshire. With a brief by a private client stating the desire to create a sleek and minimal home with an inviting ambience, peppered with both modern and Art Deco elements, professional Katie Malik Interiors immediately started drawing up plans to suit the creative challenge.  

Of course functionality also goes hand in hand with style when it comes to a suitable living space, and even here the expert in charge showed us what they are capable of.

Let’s explore!

Dining with a view

Katie Malik Interiors의  다이닝 룸
Katie Malik Interiors

Dining room view from the garden

Katie Malik Interiors

No amount of top-notch ingredients in the world can ensure a fresh ambience with that dinner party you’re planning. But fortunately, this dining room has a prime view of the garden to enchant guests while they wine and dine. 

Snow-white French doors swing open dramatically to let in fresh light, allowing the pale-hued wooden floors to beautifully illuminate the entire space and contrast even more with the warm look of the rich dining table. 

And any room with a crystal chandelier dangling from the ceiling gets our vote of approval!

Living in style

Katie Malik Interiors의  거실
Katie Malik Interiors

View of the living room

Katie Malik Interiors

What breathes modern life into classic comfort while still flaunting an image of sophistication and style? The Alexander sofa, of course. With exquisite detailing like the pulled stitch backrest, these beauties were specially made to enhance the new interiors of this luxurious home. 

Notice how the off-white hued furniture offset with the textured surfaces of the floor and fireplace, ensuring a delightfully detailed space to call the living room.

The guest bedroom

Slumbering is no excuse to neglect style. For the guest bedroom, elegance was ensured via rich textured fabrics and metal hues, as well as a firm commitment to functionality via the wall sconces, crystal-clear window and wall radiator. 

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The master suite

Katie Malik Interiors의  침실
Katie Malik Interiors

Master Bedroom view

Katie Malik Interiors

Seeing as the steely hued look of the guest bedroom was so successful, it was decided to copy it (to some extent) for the main bedroom. Here we get to see how plush fabrics (the carpet, the throw, the headboard, etc.) in various greys combine to ensure a lavish sleeping experience.

And is it just us, or does that sloping ceiling resemble a castle tower, adding to the rich and majestic ambience of the room?

The bathroom

From steely tones to actual steel, the bathroom design opted for a more sleek approach in terms of interior style. This selection of glossy surfaces, as well as the minimalist style, contrasts quite refreshingly with the rest of the interiors, who show off more of a modern design. 

A tremendous design job which not only flaunts a stylish look, but which also seems quite committed to raising comfort- and relaxation levels within the household. Bravo! 

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