A perfect prefab house with stunning interiors

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A perfect prefab house with stunning interiors

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지중해스타일 침실 by homify 지중해
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While exploring the German countryside, we chanced upon this large and beautiful house in a green and refreshing Mediterranean setting. Dotted with numerous tall glass windows, the structure opens up to the lush green outdoors, while the backyard patio is perfect for relaxing under the sun. The home builders at Fingerhaus GMBH ensured spacious and well-lit interiors too, to make living here a stylish and comfy experience. Materials like wood, stone tiles, and steel have been combined in interesting ways to make the decor unique, while the fruis extremely creative too. Soothing lights and sudden pops of bright hues add to the attraction of this property.

Graceful exterior

지중해스타일 주택 by homify 지중해

Cream white walls, quaint sloping roof in grey and plentiful glass windows make this house modern as well as traditional. Surrounded by manicured lawns and gorgeously tall trees, the setting seems like an oasis of peace and comfort.

View from the driveway

지중해스타일 주택 by homify 지중해

The wide and neat driveway leads us to the front facade of the house. Greenery adds refreshing touches to the elegant concrete structure, while the shaded porch protects visitors from direct sunlight and rain.

Ultramodern entrance

지중해스타일 창문 & 문 by homify 지중해

A stylish steel letterbox and a door which combines wood and glass make the entrance very fashionable. The long steel handle is very convenient, while the frosted glass panels allow sunlight to enter the home without compromising privacy.

Beautiful living room

지중해스타일 거실 by homify 지중해

Tall glass windows and trendy furniture in cream ensure that the living room seems cosy and inviting. The grey floor elegantly contrasts the white walls, while a bold splash of red and a large cheerful artwork liven up this space.

Cutting-edge staircase

지중해스타일 복도, 현관 & 계단 by homify 지중해

This floating and subtly rustic staircase is a beautiful union of floating wooden steps and a sleek steel supportive structure. Metal cables constitute the railings for an industrial chic look, while a large potted plant lend colour.

Unique dining

지중해스타일다이닝 룸 by homify 지중해

Creative and mismatched chairs in different hues add loads of spice to the simple wooden dining table. A steel rack holding wineglasses hang above the table to ensure merry times, while large glass windows on all sides bring in sufficient natural light.

Cheerful and chic kitchen

지중해스타일 주방 by homify 지중해

Bold splashes of red, sleek and modern designs and gleaming chrome appliances make this open kitchen a fun space to cook hearty meals. Cove lighting, a large island and a very stylish rattan chair add to the comfort factor.

Arty bedroom

지중해스타일 침실 by homify 지중해

A large and beautiful painting along with a stylish striped bedspread lends colour as well as character to this spacious bedroom. We especially love the trio of tall glass windows which accommodates the slope of the ceiling and brings in tons of sunlight.

Magnificent in black

모던스타일 욕실 by homify 모던

A tasteful mix of sleek and wide black tiles makes a bold and unique statement in the large attic bathroom. The wall holding the sink separates the shower enclosure from the tub, without hampering the open and airy ambiance. A massive window promises that the bathroom will stay sunny throughout the day.

Pretty rear view

지중해스타일 주택 by homify 지중해

As we reach the lush backyard, we get to admire the spacious and layered patio equipped with stylish furniture. It is partly shaded by the small grey roof, while tall glass windows help the interiors to visually connect with nature.

Comfortable setting

지중해스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by homify 지중해

Robust and hardwearing outdoor rattan furniture offers cosy seating on the patio. Decked with a few potted plants, this spot is ideal for resting, relishing lazy teas or simply sunbathing.

Breathtaking view

지중해스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by homify 지중해

From the patio, you can soak in the peerless beauty of tall trees, lush green grass and pretty flowers. A sleek water feature also lends tranquillity to the setting.    

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