Storybook perfect: The energy-efficient contemporary colonial home

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Storybook perfect: The energy-efficient contemporary colonial home

Sarah Rose Anderson Sarah Rose Anderson
식민지스타일 주택 by HOMEREDI 콜로니얼 (Colonial)
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We’re touring a newly built Colonial home in Port Washington, New York. The home is so picturesque, it looks like it could be pulled from a children’s storybook. It has a timeless look. The professionals at Homeredi created this 2,800 square foot energy efficient home that cost $2,036,928.00 to build.

Pay special attention to the bathrooms and kitchens in the home. They are full of luxurious touches. We'll see pieces that blend together contemporary style with tried-and-true classics. Stone and ceramic tiles bring elegant textures and patterns to the home. Wood floors ground the look in tradition. Ready to take a tour of the storybook perfect Colonial? Let’s start with the street view and work our way inside.

Colonial dream come true

Typical of a Colonial-style home, the facade is symmetrical, cheerful, and proud. Light grey siding clads the exterior with white trim and accents. Large windows make the home look welcoming from the outside. Even on a cloudy day, the home will be bright inside. The landscaping completes the storybook perfect look of the home. Fresh green grass and little-flowered bushes give the home a sunny disposition.

Fresh look

Inside, fresh white walls and ceilings expand the interior spaces of the home. Magnificent chocolate wood floors provide a rich contrast to the white tones.

Master bathroom

This spa bathroom is upstairs in the master suite. Double sinks, each with plenty of storage beneath, create a balanced look. Dark wood cabinets with sleek modern fixtures emphasise the contemporary style. Large tiles on the floors and walls create a soft and intriguing look. The double vanity mirrors have LED accent lights to make getting ready in the morning an exact science.

Luxury bath

The master bathroom comes complete with this free-standing vessel tub. It looks every bit like a luxury spa. Textured walls and large tiles create simple visual interest in the space to warm up the clean and contemporary look. Imagine having a soak in here on a cold day. This tranquil space is ideal for soothing your soul with a soak in the tub.

Glass shower

We love the modern features and elegant look of this glass shower. The custom glass walls of the shower make the whole bathroom feel larger.

Junior en-suite

This home has 4 bedrooms with 3.5 baths, and each has been given its due attention. This bathroom in the junior suite has a full Jacuzzi tub. The vanity is even more contemporary than the ones we saw in the master suite. Curved handles give the vanity a distinct look. It’s the skylight above, bringing natural light into the bathroom, that helps this space apart.

Contemporary kitchen

Back downstairs, this large contemporary kitchen is one of the highlights of the home. The eye-catching stainless steel appliances are from a luxury Italian Bertazonni brand. There’s a casual eat-in feel to the kitchen if you arrange seats around the kitchen island in the centre. A white tile backsplash backlit with under cabinet LED lights looks exceedingly bright and inviting.

Luxury living

This large kitchen has divine quartz countertops to make it resplendent. The rich pattern and swirl of white and grey give the home a touch of luxury. The all-white look is as timeless as the cheerful exterior of the home. This storybook-worthy Colonial is a wonderful place to live for those who need a little luxury in their life.

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