A simple Thai home that's super easy to build

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A simple Thai home that's super easy to build

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by สถาปนิกสุรินทร์ ก่อสร้าง
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There are homes out there that make us want to applaud the architects that designed them – and this is absolutely one such property! Staggeringly simple yet so impactful, the use of wood and little else in this home has created such a warm and opulent space, regardless of the small proportions. 

Comfortable, elegant and perfect for a family, you'll love seeing how this house was constructed. In fact, we think it might even convince you to think about commissioning something similar yourself! Let's take a look…

Breathtaking beauty.

We can't put our fingers on why this home has such magnetism, but it absolutely does! Perhaps it's the rich wood, which seems to beckon us closer, or the gorgeous brick stilts that offer just enough charisma and charm to make this home a little different. Either way, what a wonderful cabin-style property!

A grand interior.

WOW! Having matched the exterior, this interior is nothing short of decadent! All the rich wood simply oozes sophistication, not to mention cosy warmth! By using only wood inside here, the space feels far larger than the outside would suggest and can't you just imagine this as a full functioning living room

The starting point.

With a fantastic plot of land secured and marked out, it was down to a team of talented construction professionals to turn this dream home into a reality and you can see that it wasn't all plain sailing! Requiring the foundation channels to be dug by hand, a lot of love, dedication and expertise went into the project, right from the get go.

Up in a flash.

With the foundations laid and completed, the structure of the house flew together in record time. Thanks to prefabricated wooden panels, everything was a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, but you can already tell that this would become something really special and enjoyable.

Clever touches.

Deciding to add a covered vehicle port at the side of this home was such a good idea and won't have required much deviation away from the main house. It adds width as well, which helps to make this property look more generous.

Easy finishing.

With the structural panels in place, it wasn't a huge task to complete the second and final fixes, with floors going down easily and internal walls taking mere minutes. When you see the construction phase of a project like this one, you can really appreciate just how much effort went into creating a seemingly simple home. Just take another look at the finished product and have a think about whether something similar could be perfect for you, as project managing something like this wouldn't be a stretch at all.

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