How to choose the perfect pre-fab house for your family!

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How to choose the perfect pre-fab house for your family!

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Pre-fab homes are becoming more and more popular. Low-cost, quick to assemble and available in a range of styles, the prefabricated dwelling has come a long way in recent years. Less expensive than traditional homes, pre-fab properties are excellent for families, and equally suitable for young individuals or couples.

Today on homify we’re going to take a look at how to choose the perfect pre-fab abode. But what exactly do you need to know before buying a prefabricated house? Even though the construction process is fast, it pays to take your time before you decide on your future residence. Here we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks, which we’re sure will help you pick your dream pre-fab home.

1. Consider timber for a rustic touch

Exteriors come in many shapes, sizes and colours. Pick the right cladding to evoke your desired ambience, as well as boosting your home’s appeal.

Timber cladding has a range of advantages, including insulation, sustainability and good integration with the surrounding environment.

This is a great example of a pre-fab timber home where designers have opted for a timber exterior, which offers a rustic ambience, along with a sense of unity with the landscape.

2. For travellers – the mobile home

This interesting project boasts 50 square metres of living space, and belongs to a young architect, which won first place in a design competition for his mobile abode. DropHouse, as it is known is expandable and easily transported by truck. If you are thinking about ease of transportation, style and expense, consider something like this incredible home.

3. A pre-fab concrete dwelling

Concrete, along with timber, is a fabulously low-cost option for your dwelling’s cladding. Produced in pre-made pieces, concrete can be easily assembled by professionals onsite, contributing to a fast and efficient build.

This villa has been built from glass and concrete, and evokes an avant-garde style with discreet charm and incredible luminosity. What do you think? Would you like to live here?

4. The pre-fab extension

Pre-fab dwellings don’t have to encompass your entire dwelling; in fact, they are wonderful as extensions to your main house. In this image, we see that the pre-fab timber cube has been added to boost living space, while modernising the entire structure. If your home is out-dated, too small or lacking certain amenities, why not incorporate a pre-fab addition?

5. Desert reflections

Located in Californian desert, this house ticks all the boxes. Surreal and in-keeping with the environment, the pre-fabricated abode has been designed to maximise its gorgeous and unique landscape.

When you choose your pre-fab home, attempt to pick something that works in cooperation with the environment and land. This will ensure your property is an enduring, timeless and functional piece of architecture.

6. Consider cladding

As we mentioned earlier, cladding is certainly one of the most important elements you need to consider. Look at boosting the age-defiance of your property with a material such as timber, or opt for something more modern by utilising concrete or stone.

The cladding can also increase your residence’s perceived space, so choose wisely! Take some cues from this stylish timber-clad domicile, which is replete with interesting angles, industrial vibes and a serene aura.

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