15 stone wall ideas for your living room

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15 stone wall ideas for your living room

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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living room is the only area which is seen by all your guest and for this reason making it look beautiful is essential. There are many ways that you can be used to beautify your living room and one of the most effective out of them all is by including a stone wall. If you are looking for different ideas to incorporate stone into your living room then here are 15 designs that you can consider.

1. Custom stone wall

For those of you who want to incorporate a custom stone wall in their living room using different colour tiles can be a perfect option. You can select any colour combination that you like and place the tiles alternatively to create your desired layout.

2. Cement stone wall

If you are looking for and easy DIY design then you can use cement stones to create your living room wall. The stones can be made by breaking a cement slab into pieces and putting them together in your desired pattern.

3. Bolder stone wall

Another great design is using big boulders for your stonewall. If you want to incorporate a rustic feel into your house then using these natural coloured big pieces of stones can also be ideal.

4. Slate stone wall

For a great looking living room creating a slate stone wall is highly recommended. These are sleek-looking grey coloured stones that can be laid on top of each other to give your living room a regal touch.

5. Pebble stone wall

One of the most easily available stones are pebbles which can also be used for creating a stone wall. The designer for this room has created a circular design in the middle of the entire wall using pebbles, which gives it a unique look.

6. Granite slab wall

If you want to use natural stones then incorporating long slabs of unpolished granite is also worth a shot. These stones generally come in darker colour which is ideal for open living rooms.

7. Veneer stone wall

For those of you who want to create a wide stone wall in the living room using veneer is worth considering. These stones can be combined with other building materials like cement and concrete to give your living room walls longer durability.

8. Sandstone wall

If you're looking to coat your existing living room walls with stones then using sandstone is a must. These stones are easy to carve and can be customised into any shape and size according to your existing walls.

9. Colonial stone wall

Another stone which is known for it's earthy tone of colour is colonial stone. This stones can be combined with other materials like wood to give your living room and natural touch. It goes well with materials that display natural shades of brown.

10. Field stone wall

For those of you looking to create a similar looking partition wall in your living room using chunks of fieldstone is advised. These stones are perfect as they come in different shades which you can select as per your living room decor.

11. White cement bricks

If you are looking for a simple stone wall then using white cement bricks can also be an excellent idea. Due to the light colour these bricks go well with any type of decor that you might have in your living room.

12. Ledge stone wall

Out to all the natural stones that go well with any type of interior design ledge stone walls are the best. This stone comes in different sizes and can make your living room look illuminated due to its light colour.

13. Flat stone wall

If you want a sleek looking design for your living room stone wall then using flat stones is another way to go. As the name suggests these stones are partially flat and do not add a lot of thickness to your existing wall.

14. Modular block stonewall

If you are looking for a heavy duty stone wall then using modular blocks is a must. These blocks come in huge sizes which makes them long lasting and perfect material for your main walls.

15. Red brick wall

If you want to incorporate a barn style element in your house then building a red brick stone wall is also ideal. These walls can easily transform the entire house with their bright red colour.

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