This contemporary apartment in Selangor state is completed in only 6 weeks

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This contemporary apartment in Selangor state is completed in only 6 weeks

Swapnil Kangankar- Homify Swapnil Kangankar- Homify
inDfinity Design (M) SDN BHD의  거실
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Built in the buzzing city of Kuala Lumpur, this single family residence is packed with features that you can derive inspiration from. The apartment is designed by our experts at inDfinity Design who are also based in the same city. In spite of being a relatively decent sized apartment of 1400 square feet, the entire work was completed within a time frame of 6 weeks and a budget of RM230,000. The entire apartment is designed with a high focus modern contemporary design ideas combined with a strong tropical influence in each of the spaces. Let's a take a look at few of the visuals of the house.

View from the corridor

From the corridor end, we get a better view of the tall partition/storage unit that separates the sleeping space from the corridor. The unit not only shields the sleeping space from the common circulatory area but also allows excellent storage and space saving solutions.

The living room

The living room is provided with a comfortable seating arrangement that faces a sleek display wall. The display wall is built from a combination of black and white coated elements combined with a wooden backdrop. The combination looks sleek especially with the LED backlighting on the base of the credenza. We also loved the seating arrangement that is provided with a nice floor carpet as well as metal and glass centre table.

The kitchen island

The kitchen island is built from a combination of wood on the base and natural stone on the counter. The entire setting is made comfortable by the wonderful spherical hanging light fixtures as well as the sleek LED lit false ceiling panel above the island unit. The wooden flooring along with the animal-inspired carpet adds further charm to the entire setting. 

The book shelf

Rather than providing the users with a typical book cabinet, the architects have opted for a sleek full height arrangement of a wall partition that has pockets to keep books and magazines. The setting is made efficient by the addition of the sleek spotlight, especially for the sculpture. The asymmetrical pockets with varying lengths and heights add further dynamism to the enitre setting.

The bedroom

The bedroom is provided with a nice comfortable bed that fits in perfectly between two pieces of furniture. The stepped arrangement of the bed provides a nice seating space that can be used to enjoy a book or maybe coffee. The entire space is designed to be multi-use in nature, a feature which gives the space a distinct charm. Lastly, we also loved the addition of the textured black backdrop that accentuats the overall look and feel of the space.

The kitchen

The kitchen is planned in a way that the main cooking counter is on one wall while the island is in the center with the circulation space between them. This arrangement ensures that the users are provided with ample of cooking as well as storage space. Apart from the cooking spaces, we also loved the idea of pasting family photos on the wall opposite to the island, this feature works wonderfully well in ensuring a positive ambiance throughout the entire space

The other bedroom

The second bedroom in the house is designed on the same lines as that of the first. The bed space fits in perfectly between the sleek furniture units to impart a certain coziness when one is in the sleeping position. Apart from that, the combination of the white furniture, gray headboard, and brown bedsheets gives this space a nice artistic feel.

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