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5 fantastic designs for a girl's bedroom

Caitlin Hughes Caitlin Hughes
The Land of Zug의 현대 , 모던
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When it comes to decorating your little girl's bedroom, it can be difficult to know how to create a fun and colourful space that your child will love, without it looking tacky or overwhelming. As a parent, you naturally want to encourage your child's creativity, and what better way than through decorating her bedroom? However, quality and durability are also a consideration when it comes to the furnishings and decorations, so a balance needs to be struck. We've compiled a selection of cute designs that are sure to be a hit with both you and your little girl. Take a look:

1. Name prints

FromLucy의 컨트리 , 컨트리

FromLucy – Fairy Name Personalised Print – Purple Mount oak frame


Why not treat your princess to a floral name print created by a professional illustrator? Full of colour and charm, these delightful designs from FromLucy will be sure to make her feel special. Hanging the print on the wall means there are no marks, like you might get with posters, and it looks neat and elegant without taking the fun out of decorating a child's room. 

2. A rug that brings a ray of sunshine

The Land of Zug의 현대 , 모던
The Land of Zug

Suzie the Sunbeam

The Land of Zug

If your little one is still at the crawling stage, a cute and colourful rug is a must have to brighten up the room and keep her safe and comfy as she moves around the bedroom or playroom. These designs from The Land of Zug are a great way to inject some personality and cheer to a bedroom, without playing to gender stereotypes about colour or imagery. Maybe you want one of these for your little boy's room too?

3. Colour-in wall paper

Jungle Half Wall Wallpaper by Funwall

Jungle Half Wall Wallpaper


Let your child's creativity flow with these innovative colour-in wallpapers, which come in four designs: pirate, jungle, circus, and fairy. Maybe your little girl is a keen adventurer ready to sail the seven seas during play time, or perhaps she's more eager to don her tutu and become a fairy princess? Either way, she'll be entertained for hours with these wonderful creations, and you can rest assured that there will be no need to draw on any other walls in the house, keeping the grown up spaces, such as the living room, clean and tidy!

4. A touch of pink

Though it's a common stereotype, and a girl's room by no means has to be pink, some little girls love the colour and it's feminine associations. If your daughter falls into this category, draw some inspiration from this adorable décor from Natalie Davies Interior Design. Mix light pink with floral patterns and hints of green for a fresh, summery look that your little one will love. Most importantly, let the design be influenced by her tastes and character, which are continuing to develop every day. 

5. Stylish seating

Treasure Chairs의 현대 , 모던
Treasure Chairs

Child Lounger red

Treasure Chairs

As with every bedroom design, seating options should be considered. Your daughter will need a comfy spot to sit and read, do homework, and relax with school friends when they come over to visit. These stylish chairs from Treasure Chairs come in a range of colours to suit the colour scheme your little one has chosen, and there are even little two-seaters for friends and siblings to enjoy together – adorable!

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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