24 small patio and garden designs that will inspire you to change yours (part 2)

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24 small patio and garden designs that will inspire you to change yours (part 2)

Leigh Leigh
지중해스타일 주방 by mobla manufactured architecture scp 지중해
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It's time to explore 24 more small patio and garden designs that will inspire you to change yours!

Each of these designs is unique, modern and functional, showing you just how much potential there is, even if the square metres are limited. 

We hope that each of these tips and tricks inspires you to create an outdoor space that becomes a little haven of natural beauty!

1. Wooden deck with wooden furniture is simple and sleek – with a view!

2. Or opt for wicker furniture for a country-style design

3. A little bench and a flower bed can enhance and entrance

4. If your space is long and narrow, opt for long and narrow furniture

A city balcony 모던스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by Bowles & Wyer 모던
Bowles & Wyer

A city balcony

Bowles & Wyer

5. There is no such thing as too many plants or flowers

6. An outdoor kitchen extends the living area outdoors making the home feel that much bigger

7. Add a hammock for a Bohemian twist

8. Opt for white floors, furniture and walls, reflecting the natural light for a bright and spacious feel

9. Simple can be the most effective option

​London Kitchen Garden - Small Garden Design by LS+L 러스틱스타일 정원 by homify 러스틱 (Rustic) 우드 우드 그레인

​London Kitchen Garden – Small Garden Design by LS+L


10. If you don't have shading, opt for durable furniture that will last in all weather conditions

11. Use rocks, soil and plants to create beautiful patterns in the garden

12. A pergola can be the romantic touch your little garden needs

13. Furnish with sun loungers for a more relaxed look and feel

14. Furnish with dining furniture for an outdoor feast

15. Simple banisters allow for panoramic views of the surrounds

16. Or opt for glass…

17. Warm tones create a cosy, Mediterranean-style outdoor space

18. Use lighting to enhance the mood

terrace illumination 모던스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by FG ARQUITECTES 모던

terrace illumination


19. If you don't have time to maintain grass, opt for Astro Turf

20. A vertical garden takes up no space but looks gorgeous!

21. Lanterns and candles can set the mood

22. Add small furniture to the corner so a little outdoor space is still functional!

Outdoor balcony and terrace at Chester Street House 클래식스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by Nash Baker Architects Ltd 클래식
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Outdoor balcony and terrace at Chester Street House

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

23. Use colour to create a charming environment

24. Cushions, bean bags and rugs take up little space but create a comfortable and appealing environment!

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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