7 homey living rooms you'll want to snuggle up in!

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7 homey living rooms you'll want to snuggle up in!

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Hey, if you love the minimal look, then our hats go off to you, but there is another awesome aesthetic that you might like to consider and that's homely. Picture this; you come home to a warm, snug interior, filled with luxurious furnishings and textiles that make you feel safe and romantic, while being enveloped by soft, ambient lighting. Sounds good, right? Well that's exactly why so many interior designers are being commissioned to create homely living rooms for their clients. We don't think you need any extra convincing, but just in case you want to see some examples, instead of conjuring them up in your own mind, come with us now, as we have found some stunning ones for you!

1. Neutral and nice.

Let's start you off gently with a pretty and neutral living room that still has a wonderfully cozy and inviting vibe. We love the soft lighting here and the use of natural wood, to add in a little organic depth. That huge sofa really adds to the look as well!

2. Combined spaces.

It's not just large sofas and neutral colors that make for a homely living room, as a dual function can work just as well! Combining the living and dining rooms here makes for a family-friendly space that instantly feels like a haven of closeness.

3. Eclectic design!

미니멀리스트 거실 by Pop Arq 미니멀

What can make a room feel more homely than a heady blend of belongings, all on display? Add in some bold and sunny colors and suddenly, you have an unstructured and casual social area that literally screams about who you are. Hang on… is that an old washing machine drum being used as a light fixture? Amazing!

4. Arty-smarty!

Living room idea 모던스타일 거실 by Pixers 모던

Living room idea


Are you an art lover? Then your living room needs to demonstrate that fact, if you want it to truly feel like home when you walk in! Large wall pieces will add so much life and coziness and this huge purple sofa looks so luxe that it's impossible to ignore!

5. Designed for the masses.

If there's one thing that a homely living room can't be without, it's a comfortable sofa, but how about trying this one on for size? Enormous and in a sociable corner layout, the levels of luxury here are undeniable!  All the cushions make for a really slouchy and comfortable evening as well!

6. The ultimate touch.

If a homely space is what you crave the most, are you ready to turn up the heat? An open fire or a wood burner will guarantee you snug warmth, cozy lighting and a truly gorgeous focal point. For the colder months, nothing will add more homeliness than a roaring fire!

7. Natural materials.

How charming is this living room? There's no denying how homely it is, thanks to a statement wood burner and comfortable seating, but it's the natural wood and rugged stone walls that really complete the look. Have you ever seen anywhere so inviting and snug?

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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