Top 5: from 6 tricks to keep your home fresh and clean to How to buy IKEA furniture

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Top 5: from 6 tricks to keep your home fresh and clean to How to buy IKEA furniture

Camila Boschiero – homify Camila Boschiero – homify
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So we have reached that time of the week once again! You asked for it, you got it! Here are the best articles of the week, chosen by you. If you missed them, here is your chance to take a peek, if you have already read them, it is a great time to re-read them. 

We take you through 6 tricks to keep your home fresh and clean—always! to 3 beautiful homes completed within three months (plans included!),  we pit stop at 30 pictures of beautiful patios and small gardens. We also give you How to make your home so comfy you'll never want to leave, and finally something every one should read: How to buy IKEA furniture.

 Shall we?

1.) 6 tricks to keep your home fresh and clean—always!

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Upper Park, Loughton


The battle to keep a clean and tidy home can be one that feels never-ending or doomed to failure, but we're here today to make sure that doesn't happen to you! It's actually a lot simpler to maintain a fresh and hygienic home than you might think, as the key is to have a few systems in place that will minimize the work you actually have to do. 

Just ask any professional cleaner and they'll tell you that dirt prevention is key to an easy to manage home and today, we're going to prove it to you!

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2.) 3 beautiful homes completed within three months (plans included!)

In an era where everything is fast paced, you'd think that constructing a huge house was as easy as 1, 2, 3. But even with the advent of technology, of course it would still take a whole lot of time and money. But for those who live on their own, may opt for a smaller, more manageable place to call home.
To satisfy those who are thinking of owning a home within a shorter period of time, we'd like to show these three houses with their corresponding floor plans. If you are looking for a house that is easy to build, then you may opt for pre-fabricated house materials, it will surely save you a lot of time. 

Click here.

3.) 30 pictures of beautiful patios and small gardens.

 The 30 ideas in this feature are simple yet stunning and aim to get your garden or patio looking fantastic, with the help of some professionals of course. So let’s be inspired to add a sense of fantasy or whimsy to that outdoor zone, regardless of its size and make your home a lot more stylish!

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4.) How to make your home so comfy you'll never want to leave.

Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that a home which seems to envelop you in a warm, cozy ambiance is the ultimate dream and will always make you feel as though you chose the right property when you were looking to buy!  The question is, how can you capture the right balance  of comfort, style and warmth? Well, we're going to tell you everything you need to know, right now.

Click here. 

5.) How to buy IKEA furniture.

IKEA is fantastic for those who need to furnish their home quickly, great for household items such as kitchenware, and essential for young people moving into their first property. 

IKEA hasn’t become the largest furniture store in history by being bad at what they do; the affordable prices, wide product selection and ruthless efficiency of their business model have made the company a global success. Virtually all of us have owned – or currently own – IKEA products, and in all likelihood we’ll purchase more in the future!  That being said, we should be careful not to rely on the Scandinavian superstore too much, and here’s why…

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