The country-style home with tons of space

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The country-style home with tons of space

Leigh Leigh
w. raum Architektur + Innenarchitektur의  베란다,
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Feel like some country-style inspiration today? You've come to the right place.

We are going to explore a private house on a lake designed by architects W. RAUM ARCHITEKTUR + INNENARCHITEKTUR.

Featuring spacious and open plan interiors, a cozy living room, kitchen and dining room space and a spacious garden terrace, this is a home you have to see. 

The alpine architecture and modern interiors are simply inspirational. There is also an outdoor sauna and hot tub house, showing just how simple sophistication can be.

Shall we take a look?

Cheerful first impression

From the get go, we can see just how beautiful this home. It spreads over the entire property and features two floors with plenty of space for the entire family.

The upper floor is made with an alpine facade while the lower floor features white walls. This creates a wonderful combination of contemporary and country styles.

Don't you love how the home works in harmony with the surrounds?

Closer inspection

Here we can see how the wooden and white work together, creating the most beautiful contrast. 

Have a look at this article for more inspiration: White and wood: the perfect combo in 10 examples.

The upper floor of the home features a spacious balcony that wraps around the entire house. This allows the bedrooms to spill out onto the outdoors!

Speaking of outdoors…

If we head to the back of the home, we can see how the living area opens up onto a beautiful and spacious little terrace. Furnished with a table and chairs, this is the ideal space for outdoor dining. The upper floor, however, keeps this area covered.

The light wooden facade works beautifully with the natural greenery of the surrounds. 

Next to the house there is another little wooden building, which houses the steam room and the hot tub. How luxurious!

A cozy seating area

The terrace is also furnished with a comfortable and cozy sofa with cushions. This makes for a more relaxed setting where the residents can read their books, relax with family and friends or take an afternoon nap outside.

Tip: Furnish your terrace with a pot plant or two or a vase of flowers, connecting it to the nature that surrounds it.

Modern interiors

The interior of the home is very light and bright with modern furniture and elegant touches, which make for a very appealing design. 

Natural light floods the home thanks to the large glass windows and doors, creating a very appealing home.

Neutral colours

The designers have used neutral colours throughout the interior, making for a very cozy and warm environment. However they've added splashes of colour here and there in the form of cushions or artwork. This keeps personality and charm alive and strong in the home.

Open plan kitchen

In this kitchen, we can see how the kitchen opens up onto the spacious dining room and living room. This creates a very interactive and social environment for the family. Mom and dad can chat to the rest of the household while they cook up a storm!

Luxurious bedroom

The bedroom is our final stop, which is on the top floor. Here we can see how it works with the balcony, making it seem that much bigger and more spacious. It also allows light and fresh air to flow into the home. 

If you've enjoyed exploring this home, you'll love this country style house we can all get inspired by.

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