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Stand out decor pieces

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We are constantly on the lookout for some fabulous decor pieces that can totally transform a space, just by being installed, as can you imagine how much time and money that could save you, in terms of regular redesigns? We love an easy life, but we also crave striking decor installations that will grab attention, make a definite statement and totally pull a room together, which is why we've brought a few of our must-have staples together today, to show you! Ask any interior designer and they will absolutely extol the virtues of embellishing a room with some stand out decor items, so let's take a look at some of our favorites and see which ones you fancy investing in!

1. Modern retro lighting.

Retro styling is always gorgeous, but when you want the look, but none of the maintenance of vintage pieces, reproduction retro light shades are absolutely a perfect choice. They even look great in an otherwise very contemporary room, just to add an edge.

2. Built-in features!

We love the idea of turning your interior architecture into stand out features! Just look at how this built-in staircase and wall makes a dramatic statement and dictates the look and feel of the whole space!

3. Exposed brick walls.

Even if you don't want the hassle of stripping plaster from your walls, you can get the stylish look of brick feature walls with cool wallpaper. Either way, we think brick expanses really work, to create a warm aesthetic and trendy look.

4. Vibrant shelving.

How about this for a great idea? Colorful, funky shelving works so well in terms of lifting an brightening a space. Function and fashion really can combine and these shelves are the proof!

5. Oversized mirrors.

Mirrors aren't a new idea in terms of decor, but choosing large, eye-catching varieties will really up the style stakes of any home, not to mention make any space look so much larger and brighter!

6. Statement rugs.

Even a super plain room can be brought to life and turned into a fantastically stylish space with just one large and impactful rug. They aren't just for living rooms either, as they transform literally any room!

7. Freestanding lamps.

Freestanding lamps are AMAZING for creating a new ambiance and stylish focal point in a home and there are so many fantastic styles to choose from. Modern or vintage, they always garner a lot of attention and pull a room together wonderfully well.

8. Amazing wall art.

An injection of culture, in the form of wall art, is always a fantastic idea, especially if you dare to go a little bigger and bolder than you might normally! Even if you experiment with numerous small pieces of art, mounted as a gallery wall, the impact will be astonishing!

9. Pretty flooring.

Think about what a huge amount of space your flooring takes up and you'll realize how vital it is to choose a finish that looks great. That's why we are 100% advocating wooden parquet! Timeless, upmarket and utterly stunning, you can add whatever else you want to a room and it will only ever look phenomenal, thanks to the floor!

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