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This ravishing house disappears into the landscape

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미니멀리스트 주택 by homify 미니멀
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The house that we are going to show you today takes the concept of green living to a whole new dimension and we think you're going to love not only the ethos but also the aesthetic of the property in question! The architects that created this concept home were clearly looking to the future and trying to design a house that would be able to stand the test of time and live up to the eco credentials that we should all be starting to consider. A seamless blending of garden and house, you are going to be blown away, so let's stop talking and get to looking!

Unbelievable aesthetics!

미니멀리스트 주택 by homify 미니멀

Can we take a moment here? Seriously, the combination of green roofing, natural wood, black wood and piquant cut-outs for mature trees make for a dramatic and striking piece of architecture that makes us need to see much more of it! Let's do exactly that!

From a distance.

미니멀리스트 주택 by homify 미니멀

Aren't you just loving the angles of this house? The clever gradient allows for an easy flow of green roof into well manicured grass and it creates the illusion of the house springing up our of the ground! The natural insulation here must be utterly amazing!

What a sun trap!

미니멀리스트 주택 by homify 미니멀

The angled windows here make for such a wonderful sun trap system but not only that, they reflect the surrounding trees beautifully and offer some incredible camouflage. Having contrasting woods in place really help to draw the eye as well! Wow!

Atrium-like proportions.

미니멀리스트 다이닝 룸 by homify 미니멀

Walk inside this innovative home and you can see just how much of it must be built into the landscape, as the ceiling height is staggering and the proportions are nothing short of gargantuan! The open-plan design works so well and helps to maintain that deep connection to nature, as does the choice of a rustic live-edge dining table!

Bags of storage!

미니멀리스트 거실 by homify 미니멀

Don't go thinking that the green credentials of this home are overshadowing more practical design initiatives, such as storage! Just look at the way this entire wall of shelving offers immense functionality, without drowning out the more exotic parts of the interior! INSPIRED!

The original plan.

homify의 미니멀리스트 , 미니멀

What a bit of fun it is to take a look at the initial model for this cool house! What's truly amazing is that the finished realization of the design is even better than the plan! 

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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