This unique home shines in the country

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This unique home shines in the country

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We're going to own up straight away and confess that we are seriously jealous of whoever owns this beautiful home in rural Germany. Clearly someone with a vision of leaving the hustle and bustle of a city behind, what the owner had their architect design is nothing short of the isolated wooden country house that so many of use can only dream of, with a surprising level of interior luxury included, just for good measure. Come and take a look, but don't be surprised if you are left feeling jealous, as we think that's the intention!

A landscape-changer!

by homify

It's pretty rare to be able to genuinely say that a rural landscape has been changed for the better by a new build house design, but that's exactly what is happening here! The muted facade materials make for such a moody and bedded-in look!

The ultimate chalet.

by homify

If we asked you to describe the perfect chalet home for enjoying a luxury skiing holiday, we;d put money on it that this is what you'd be describing! This large and open-plan living room has such a chilled out and rustic vibe, thanks to a huge amount of natural materials and that view! With a balcony in place, you'd never miss a gorgeous sunset again!

Amazing materials.

by homify

Seriously, we just had to show you this beautiful picture that demonstrates the amazing combination of glass, natural stone, wood and leather! The color palette is so cohesive and warm and the ambience is so undeniably homey. We need to see more!

Delicious dining style.

by homify

Now we can see the social vibe that really underpins this entire home. The open spaces have been designed to offer intimate interactions and this dining table is just wonderful! Can't you imagine some serious bratwurst being eaten here? 

That ceiling!

by homify

We had to take a quick detour to look at this ceiling, given how angular and stunning it is! The aged wood cladding offers warmth from top to bottom and because it's vaulted, the landing here feels airy and generous and let's anjou all the antiques as well! Wow!

The crowning glory!

by homify

Just when you think this home is everything you could want and more, we finish the tour by showing you what can only be described as the ultimate master bedroom! Even without the deep-pile purple carpet, it would have been outrageous, but with it, there is simply no competing! Anyone who ever says that you can have too much of a good thing really needs to see this home, as the amount of wood here will totally dispel their myth!

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