14 brilliant ideas for home or store fronts

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Creating a façade design to attract and draw people’s attention is a vital factor for most stores. This design identifies the store's character and tells us what the store is selling or what it serves. Therefore, the presence of a shop or entrance to the store must look good and well-designed!

In today’s ideabook, explore different stores and see which of the styles might fit you!

​1. Beautiful Lucy shop

The first shop is a hair salon named Lucy, which looks sweet and clean in white tones. Use a variety of materials to mix and match. White color goes well with the shade of vintage dark wood. The windows in wooden frames and rectangular glasses accentuate the smooth look of light colored walls. Putting up potted plants upfront makes the exterior refreshing and beautiful.

2. Warm muff shop

Muff shop is a combination of a café and a hair salon. The entrance to the shop is divided into two parts. The right side is a wooden platform connecting the steps of the cafe in the shop. The floor extends outside the shop with the help of the sliding doors. The left side also gives another entrance that leads to the inner part of the shop. The door is the same color as the floor. Add more style and function by attaching a small shelf to the wall.

3. Designed style

This striking yellow door is the entrance of a graphic design company. Using a unique design that looks like this will attract good customers. The door is sliding and the glass is halfway through the area, giving it a good light inside. Add your company name and job description with a white glass sticker. Soften the hardness of the façade with green trees.

4. Small entrance

The homefront is narrow, with a simple goal. This model is a hairdressing salon with a relaxed atmosphere. The entrance door looks very nice, in beautiful wood material and clear glass. Keep the design effective and efficient with the price and time schedule available on the glass. Along with the name of the shop, add a distinctive icon such as the golden scissors to make it immediately understand that this shop is a hair salon.

​5. Mini olujika

No matter who sees this page, one will find this definitely interesting. It is a beautiful white house with a gable-shaped facade. The wooden door is curved which made it look sweet. The look is simple with the left side of the wall carrying the name of the store.

6. By the sea

LIA hairdressing salon is a sure instagrammable spot with its storefront that looks and feels like seaside. No need for complexed design, just simple decorations such as the use of curved lines to convey waves of water; fusion of blue and white colors to reflect the sea. Including curtains as well is a good idea.

7. Coni hair salon

The interior of Coni is decorated in a loft style with an industrial mix. The entrance to the shop exudes a smooth style, not without warmth. The walls and doors use white wood that has been polished, which adds texture and makes the home unique. The rectangular window frame which is slightly rounded also adds to the quirkiness. Now this will guarantee one to have frequent visits to the shop.

8. Hair salon for men

The entrance looks stunning in black steel, coupled with clear glass on the upper half. On top of the canopy, the name of the store is highlighted, protruding with style and charm. As this if for men, cool bikes can be parked at storefront. Who would believe this beautiful store is just a hair salon?

​9. Smooth and clean

This cute shop looks like a twin shop having a symmetrical design in the door and window patterns. Having half of the facade in clear glass shows people outside what this shop sells. This cafe design is not a bad idea at all!

​10. nico style tinker

This simple and neat hairdressing salon has some eye catching details on its light brown floor tiles. Having a dark green door against a white wall, accentuate the the store front.

​11. Front porch

Shading and awning in front of the store is a good thing. When it rains, customers will be more comfortable in spreading their umbrellas or waiting. The entrance of this restaurant looks warm, and stylish with the floor tiles matched with the brown wall tiles. 

​12. The sweet shop entrance

 This is what every girl’s  dream hair salon. It must be as sweet and pretty as this! Awning ceiling with curved area makes this area look unique. Use beautiful white wooden doors to welcome the guests and make them feel special. Arranging a small waiting shed or area would also be nice. Let's just admire the how relaxing and comforting this lawn is!

​13. Bag Shop

 Who says you can’t combine fashion with function? This shop has many hanging walls to best showcase the bags. Having the door open and in clear glass will surely grab each customer's attention.

​14. Kauai Shop

In this store, wood and tile are the main parts. Thanks to our light green wooden door with vintage white lattice strips, this restaurant has a lovely atmosphere. The front of the shop has a board with all the necessary details about their services, which is quite handy!

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