An ordinary British townhouse with an extraordinary interior

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An ordinary British townhouse with an extraordinary interior

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Orchestrate Design and Build Ltd.의  거실, 모던
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You know those homes that seem perfectly ordinary on the outside, yet pull the rug out from under you the minute you walk inside? Today’s homify 360° discovery is such an example, as each and every little detail (from the living room rug to the study’s desk) demands a second look.

Colours, patterns, textures, and a unique blend of different design styles have been expertly used in all these rooms. And although the end result is not necessarily a look that will be cherished by everyone (tastes differ, after all), there is definitely enough inspiration and copy-worthy ideas here to go around.

London-based experts Orchestrate Design And Build Ltd. are the professionals in charge here. Let’s see what they’ve accomplished…

The back yard

Even though this back yard’s garden is not the biggest we’ve ever seen, it definitely scores points in terms of its clever layout and eye-catching touches. 

Brick walls rich in texture; soft green turf; a super modern coffee table and exterior sofa – how picture-perfect can you get?

A fantastic view

Undoubtedly a back yard with such a tremendous look needs to be the view of one of the interior rooms, and it seems that the study is the lucky one here. 

And just check out that stunning desk with its glass top and exceptional leg designs!

A vibrant look

Now this is definitely one way of ensuring a cheery-looking space. Hot pops of oranges and reds jump out from various décor pieces, ensuring that this living room’s super sleek and ultra modern furniture items are not the only elements worth gawking at. 

Allow our extensive list of professionals (including interior designers, architects, gardeners, lighting experts, etc.) to help you conjure up the house of your dreams.

A spot for relaxation

A quaint little lounge area has been set up in the open-plan layout of the kitchen and dining area, ensuring that this super comfy seating spot has a front-row view of that delicious yard outside. 

Notice how the “plush” look of the layered fabrics (the rug, the scatter cushions, the sofa etc.) bring about a certain softness to the space, making this lounge seem even more perfect for when you just want to kick back and relax in comfort. 

Let’s have a look at some more images of this funky interior style.

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