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Decor ideas: How to stage your home for a quick sale

Leigh Leigh
by Boite Maison
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Before selling a house, you must know how to present it to the market in terms of design and decor.

minimalist style is one that is often used by designers who want to transform an apartment for a sale. This kind of design works well, especially in smaller homes, because it makes the environment feel spacious, functional, light, bright and comfortable all at the same time. It also suits most tastes!

The art of a dressing a home up for a sale is called home staging and it can work wonders! With a minimalist style, you just need a few items here or there and you can turn the home into a beauty, ready to be snapped up.

Today at homify, we will look at the home staging of an apartment, examining before and after photographs. We will see how every room – from the bedrooms to the bathrooms to the kitchen – have been transformed.

You won't believe your eyes!

Before: living room – plenty of space but the radiator is too visible

After: living room – the furniture is simple yet elegant while a plant hides the radiator

A bright space – the natural light has been utilized, enhanced by the sober colours of the furniture and accessories

Before: entrance – the dark floor and white walls have potential but this space looks bare and a bit glum

After: entrance – the designers have used a mirror to enhance the natural light, making this space far more welcoming

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Tip: Add a coat rack and a designer stool for functional decor

Before: dining room – it integrates with the rest of the living space, making for a spacious design

After: dining room – with a beautiful round table and white chairs, the modern and minimalist design is reinforced

The chic kitchen – a grey curtain separates it from the dining area, without blocking the flow while art adds charm

Before: kitchen – small and dark, this room needs some work

After: kitchen – a paint job creates a bright and white atmosphere that looks clean and spacious while the decor adds a splash of colour

Before: bathroom – the old furniture and lack of storage makes this environment look very old-fashioned

After: bathroom – new cream tiles give life to the bathroom while the storage shelf and mirror enhance functionality

Before: master bedroom – spacious but in need of modernizing

After: master bedroom – the new bed, white curtains and rug enhance the entire space!

Before: guest bedroom – the pink paint is outdated while the room lacks natural light

After: guest bedroom – the painted walls and accessories enhance the light while the room utilizes the balcony

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