The easiest (and best) way to clean your bathroom

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The easiest (and best) way to clean your bathroom

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Cleaning your bathroom is a necessary chore, but it can seem to take an age, which is why we took a look at some top tips from professional cleaners that will help you to get a dazzling space in half the time! It's all about focussing on the must-do things that will give you a fresh and hygienic room, ready to use, without dedicating a whole weekend to scrubbing. Doesn't that sound like heaven? Well, come with us now, as we tell you everything you need to know!


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Your best bet for sinks, is to use a gentle all-purpose cleaner that won't damage ceramic items. Squirt on liberally, leave for a few minutes and then wipe away for a gleaming finish. For stubborn stains, something a little more abrasive can be used, but always use a soft cloth, or you could damage your sink. Anything with bleach added will tackle toothpaste dribbles with ease, but you can also use a vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice concoction, if you prefer a natural approach.

Showers and baths!

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Soap scum is the main cause of bath and shower grime, but you can tackle it simply! The key is to spray your cleaner on and leave it to stand while you get on with something else. The longer you leave it, the less elbow grease it will take to wipe stains away. When it comes to removing your cleaning products, a non-scratch scourer is best, as it will easily get into grout lines and cracks, without causing any damage. As a final touch, you need to give everything a really good rise, so use your shower attachment to give everything a final spritz.

Glass doors!

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Your glass surfaces need a little more care, as using anything too scratchy or abrasive will, over time, dull the glass. Look for specialist glass cleaning solutions and choose soft cloths! You'll tend to find that glass cleaners are a little harsh on the nostrils, so always crack a window when you use them and once your surfaces are clean, invest in a daily shower spritz, which you can spray at the end of a shower, to keep everything clean, without any effort!



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Naturally, your toilet needs the most attention in your bathroom, so you need a multi-pronged attack plan!

To start, throw some cleaning products into your bowl, the night before your bathroom cleaning schedule, as this will allow them to get to work over a decent period of time, softening any limescale and removing stains. From here,. you can get in there with a brush, for a really good scrub. Always wear rubber gloves though and don't negate the tricky under-rim and under-seat areas!

When your toilet is gleaming, always finish off with a fresh-smelling disinfectant, with bleach added and, if you have boys in the house, remind them to wipe all around the seat after they have used the facilities, as urine deposits can quickly become smelly and unpleasant, especially in summer!

For more handy bathroom cleaning tips, take a look at this Ideabook: Easy bathroom cleaning tips.

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