Walkthrough: How to renovate a bathroom without spending a fortune!

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Walkthrough: How to renovate a bathroom without spending a fortune!

Lexi Hughes Lexi Hughes
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Want to change your bathroom? Have no idea where to start? Let us at homify inspire you with this gorgeous bathroom renovation! Here you will find the basic steps that a professional interior designer and architect took to transform this bathroom… on a budget! 

Get a pen and paper ready because this article was designed for you and your bathroom needs. Let's take a look!

1. Place the pipes

An important aspect for which we recommend the help of a professional is the subject of plumbing. It's not just about putting pipes in and that's it! There are a lot of rules to get you to do a job done, which is better and more effective if done by a true professional. 

So, with this in mind, the first step is to install the plumbing and ensure that no leaks happen. It is essential that everything is put in the right place!

2. Prepare surfaces

This point is vital because when placing the pipes it is necessary to tear the walls and break all the profiles in order to accommodate the pipes of different diameters. This is why you should always check that the surfaces are aligned and completely flat. 

Do not forget that you will work on them, not only to build, but also to put the coverings and prevent moisture from penetrating inside the walls.

3. The foundation

The same happens on the lower surfaces, like the foundation, so we should always check that they are smooth and well worked. This is the opportunity to make small parapets for the shower cubicles, for example, or make a slight incline for the water to drain. Everything has its purpose!

4. Placing ceramic tiles

In the case of this project the coating is a beautiful white ceramic with marble-like finishes, installed vertically, with a very subtle decoration in mosaic tiles. It is at this stage that the smooth surface is most important, because an uneven wall will always have leaks and can cause the detachment of all the coating that we installed. 

A professional recommendation is that at the end of the work store some ceramic modules (the most common recommendation is that it be a box), because accidents will always happen and will need to make a replacement. 

5. Caring for details

In this project, the professionals designed some details in mosaic as decoration. And it really looks fantastic because it makes a beautiful contrast to the white tiles. 

6. The result!

The result speaks for itself! A very beautiful design that you can imitate in many versions and styles. In this case, the style is ultra modern, with minimalist accessories and simple decorations. An example of how a bathroom can be luxurious and stylish without spending a lot of money, provided there is good planning. 

If you are looking for more ideas to renovate your bathroom, check out 9 budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas that look amazing.

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