A modern yet traditional home in Raipur, Chattisgarh

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A modern yet traditional home in Raipur, Chattisgarh

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모던스타일 침실 by ESHA GARG : Interior Designer 모던
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Achieving a perfectly balanced blend of the contemporary and the traditional requires careful thought. The interior designers and decorators at Esha Garg: Interior Designer showcases the beauty that a combination of the two styles can achieve through good planning in this comfortable residence in Raipur. The use of different materials, innovative designs, suitable accessories, and backlights creates a trendy effect in a simple, comfortable house. Let’s take a tour of this stylish modern home!

​Modern comfort

This bedroom rivals the previous one in simplicity, comfort and style! The warm colours, vibrant accents on the bed, pretty carpet and modern wall décor complete a charming picture.

​A comfortable living room

This living room breathes comfort and simplicity through a neutral colour palette and a comfortable sofa set. We admire the ingenuity of the interior designer in using backlit false ceilings to add dollops of style to the room! The television area is similarly backlit and the innovatively designed hanging light adds a strong element of modern chic.

​Simple and stylish

A closer look at the living area shows us that the furniture is smart, sturdy and sensible, with no compromise on either comfort or style. The wallpaper is a creative touch that enhances the aesthetic appeal of this relaxed space

​Combining different elements

The gorgeous carved wooden frame of the large mirror taken in conjunction with the trendily patterned frosted glass panel is a striking example of how the designer has melded the modern and the traditional.

​Wooden beauty on the wall

What a lovely decoration for any wall! The mirror not only enhances a sense of space, its beautifully carved frame adds richness to the area.

​Airy and bright

Light curtains ensure that there is always some natural light in the room during the day and, once drawn aside, the room would be filled with bright light! The use of designer glass panels and light colours contributes a trendy and ethereal look to the ambience. The wooden decoration around the fan is an innovative touch that enhances the décor manifold.

​Subtle beauty

A closer look at the sofa enables us to see how harmoniously its colours match those of the pretty wallpaper behind. The combination of different materials also adds to the charm of the room.

​A calm haven

What a tranquil and cosy nook for a bed! The colourful yet soothing ambience is perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s work. Note how the simplicity of this little space is contrasted with trendy lamps, big paintings, a stylish headboard and elegant little side tables.

​Wooden magic

The wooden panels on the wall are a simple and effective way of imparting a trendy look to the bedroom while the large mirror heightens a sense of space.

Esha Garg of Aakar Interior Designs has skilfully melded contemporary and traditional elements to fashion a comfortable and stylish modern house.

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