19 chic ideas for a truly modern bathroom

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19 chic ideas for a truly modern bathroom

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If you want to give your bathroom something of a chic and contemporary makeover, before you start calling in the professional bathroom designers, come and take a look at some of the most beautiful spaces that we've ever seen! We think we've really honed in on some of the motifs that promise to create an undeniably modern bathroom, so grab a pen and makes some notes, as we know that you're going to love something from each of these terrific examples of bathroom perfection! 

1. Hang an unusual mirror, to add a little personality as well as handy functionality!

2. Wood flooring will add in some contrasting rustic undertones and a warm ambience.

3. Mixing smooth and rugged materials will create a fascinating juxtaposition of genres!

4. Neutral colours are the perfect base for some funky geometric touches that really bring a contemporary coolness into play.

studioQ의  욕실, 모던

5. Mirror lamps certainly make for a fun bit of indulgent complexion admiring! What a sleek installation idea!

6. Bold colours are something that so few people dare to try in a shower cubicle, but what's stopping you? They look amazing!

7. How about swapping the windows out for something a little more interesting, shape-wise? Portholes ahoy!

8. Embracing the colour of the year, grey, will definitely give your bathroom some serious style credentials!

9. Adding just a few wooden accessories and elements stop a bathroom from being too boring or cold.

10 Minimalist style can be rich in grandeur, if you choose a warm neutral hue and the very best materials!

11. Adding just one or two unusual touches will definitely add modern charm to a bathroom! How about some art?

12. Don't be tempted to just plump for what is 'normal'. This long mirror is definitely unusual, but looks great and very modern!

Spazio3Design의  욕실, 모던

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13. Forget what you've heard about using black in the bathroom, as we say GO FOR IT! Fantastically chic and bold, it's a winning statement.

14. Modern bathrooms always tend to have a focus on integration, so the small but handy shelf here is something we will be copying… will you?

15. Glass shower bricks are a fantastically modern alternative to a solid wall or boring curtains! Frosted varieties hide your modesty too!

16. Got a penchant for vivid colour? Then show that off, in your bathroom! Avocado suites were once a thing, so why not?

17. Modern bathrooms have a real affinity for floating suite items, especially sinks. A suspended vanity unit finishes the look wonderfully.

18. Backlit mirrors really do add a lot of old school glamour to a bathroom, which will amplify all the contemporary touches that you've put in place.

19. White makes for a timeless bathroom, but add some metallic mosaic tiles and you'll have a space-age ablution station everybody envies for years to come!

If you can handle even more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Eye-catching bathroom flooring.

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