This Macclesfield terrace will absolutely steal your heart

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This Macclesfield terrace will absolutely steal your heart

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Listed Townhouse Macclesfield 모던스타일 주방 by guy taylor associates 모던
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We’re off to Macclesfield, Chesire for today’s homify 360° highlight, and this little gem comes to us from the architectural firm Guy Taylor Associates in Manchester. 

The project involved the conversion of a grade ll listed Georgian townhouse from offices into a residential dwelling. A major element of the work was the rear side infill extension and internal ground floor remodel, resulting in an exciting open-plan layout that includes a kitchen, dining area and living space for the entire family. In addition, this new indoor space also enjoys a fabulous visual link with the rear garden and terrace.

Let’s get inspired!

Lots more light (and views)

Refurbished outrigger 모던스타일 주택 by guy taylor associates 모던
guy taylor associates

Refurbished outrigger

guy taylor associates

This project really enhanced the house’s style and functionality levels, seeing as the existing structure had no visual connection with the outdoor spaces. Only a store room had a view of the backyard garden and there was very little light seeping into the rear side of the house. 

Fortunately, post-renovation, this is an entirely different story, as we can see by the windows and glazing treating us to sneak peeks of the indoor areas. 

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Brilliant glazing

Kitchen extension with slot rooflight 모던스타일 주방 by guy taylor associates 모던
guy taylor associates

Kitchen extension with slot rooflight

guy taylor associates

How often do you see a kitchen (or any room) that flaunts such a dazzling glazed design that flows from the walls into the ceiling/roof? 

The glazed slot which runs through the extension provides a sensitive margin between the old and new structures. In addition, it also creates a very delicate connection to the original façades. Through this glazing, the entire kitchen space is treated to an abundance of natural lighting and fresh garden views.

Touches of the old structure

The back side of the kitchen shows us select touches that speak of the existing design – a listed window has been internalised and a previously bricked-up door opening has been replaced with clear glazing. The chimney stack, which is a dominant feature on the rear elevation, continues to pass through the kitchen, but has been opened up to provide a central feature between the living and kitchen space.

Relaxing lounging

To make the most of that brilliant view and additional indoor legroom, a cosy little family lounge has been styled up via a selection of plush textiles and colourful fabrics. Can’t you see yourself lounging here with a cup of tea and the latest bestseller? We definitely can!

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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