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What are the advantages and disadvantages of large windows?

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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So you've decided to build your own house or revamp the current structure, this means you'll need to look for tips and tricks to add a modern design to your structure, without compromising on the essentials. In this homify feature, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of big windows. An easy way to maximise sunshine, is probably a floor level window, and while this option has its advantages, there are also disadvantages. But, let's see which glazed facade ideas this homify feature hopes to inspire us with today!

Fully glazed walls

A fully glazed facade is essential for a sophisticated home, allowing the minimalist feature to make your house eye-catching, and inspirational. Not only is this home filled with light, but the big windows offer dramatic views of the outdoors.

Why big windows?

Windows enhance the modern design of a structure, and big windows maximises sunshine throughout the day, while allowing the house to look brilliant at dusk. The fresh and free flowing design welcomes sounds of nature too, and if you're really lucky to live in a lovely location, then panoramic windows should be the ideal choice.


There are a lot of things to consider when considering the addition of large windows in your home, such as the costs of the materials and labour. The window type, size, and thicknesses of the window frame and wall are also vital factors to bear in mind. Windows are used to insulate modern buildings, and maintain a comfortable temperature indoors throughout the year.  So consider your budget before replacing the glazing on your home.


Panoramic windows, although offering unprecedented views of nature, also require regular cleaning. The more glazed the facade is, the more effort is required to keep them clean, sleek and stunning. Home cleaning of your windows is easy with some dishwashing liquid and sponge. If you'd really like to get your windows extra sparkling, then dilute some vinegar and use a micro-fibre cloth to get rid of any streaks and stains. A ladder is essential for those hard to reach high windows, but you don't need to clean them as often as the rest.


Owners of houses with large windows are ahead of the curve when it comes to structural design. Panoramic windows enhance natural light throughout the day and welcome fresh air into the space. And while fresh air and sunshine may be the ideal advantage of decorating an interior, there are also a few drawbacks…


A floor level window also has disadvantages, it's expensive to implement and costly to replace shatterproof windows. As a result of big windows welcoming the sunshine, they also increase the temperature of the interior, which means your cost will increase as you will have to include an air-conditioning system. Have a look at these 19 modern homes that South Africans love!

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