Easy tips to brighten up a dark house

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Easy tips to brighten up a dark house

Vartika Gupta Vartika Gupta
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The brightness of your house, can make or break the entire ambiance of it. In case of those dark rooms, which have little or no connection from outside, lighting becomes much more crucial. While a lack of lighting can give a very dingy and gloomy feeling to a room, so much that no one would want to spend time there, a thoughtful lighting can brighten up a dark room, and give it the feeling of a warm den to read and work. Similarly way a room can be made bright or dark with the color of its walls, the color of the floor, the type of curtains you use, the use of glass and mirrors and many others. Here are a few tips and tricks to brighten up your rooms.

Add light in the upholstery

An important element that helps increase the brightness of a room is the upholstery of your furniture, especially of larger size items. The couch, the dining table are all constant plain surfaces which can reflect a lot of light if they are in light colors, and make the whole room appear bigger and brighter. It is therefore necessary to take care while choosing the upholstery, to extrapolate its chromatic effect on the room. Here are 5 tricks to make your home brighter.

Japanese panels

A room is also considered dark or bright based on the windows, the balconies and their orientation with respect to light. Sometimes the windows open into an interior patio, and the light input to the room is not worthwhile. For such walls, if it is possible you must opt for a wall in alternate materials, like translucent glass, fiber or the latest trend Japanese Panels. A long wall that only has a small window is ideal to cover with a large surface of Japanese panels, preferably in light tones, which diffuse the light that enters through them. These Japanese panels have some beautiful patterns printed on them which also add to the decorative value of the room. Like alternate options for walls? See 10 ideas to dress your house walls.

​The distribution of furniture

If you look at this picture and mentally strip the room of its furniture, maybe you would believe that this room was originally a low storeroom used as a warehouse. However, with this bright and jazzy furniture furniture, it totally changes its look and feel of this room, and that imaginary dark warehouse is now super bright. Just placing the couch a little far from the wall, gives space to the room, and allows more light to reflect the white and slate bricks of the wall. The room has minimal furniture and decorative elements and that again adds to luminosity. A perfect example of the magic of furniture distribution and the play of colors to generate luminosity.So, go bold, here are 6 winning ways to use statement furniture.

Color of the walls

In this room the protagonist is the large light blue wall. It is a large surface in which two black and white pictures are placed one below the other. That wall alone brightens up the entire room. You do not see windows, just several lamps. And yet, everything is very bright, courtesy the beautiful combination between the blue wall and white ceiling, the floor of very light wood, a table and a transparent chair. It is undoubtedly a very bright and eclectic lounge. Here are 10 fabulous wall colors for your small living room.

​A room with a view

Chispum의  벽 & 바닥

When you can not make it, fake it ! A perfect idea when your bedroom is in the innermost part of the house and you do not have any windows. Adhesive vinyl gives you the opportunity to transform a wall into what you want. Why not invent an open window with view of your favorite place. This illustration with cut vinyl is done by Chispum in Barcelona. This piece of art against a white backdrop has illuminated the bedroom completely. And of course, brightness is joyful, a feeling that you can increase by placing several cushions in different strong colors on the bed, so that the contrast is the most attractive. See here for another beautiful example of wall art.

So, let there be light ! Hope you got some ideas to brighten up your room. Can you think of more ways to increase the brightness of your bedroom or living room? 

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