Top 10 dream retirement homes

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Top 10 dream retirement homes

Teresa Choy – homify Teresa Choy – homify
클래식스타일 주택 by Müllers Büro 클래식
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There is no clear correlation between your age and the type of house you live in. But it is true that an individual’s standards and requirements vary slightly as one ages. So let’s focus on the old ages today. What kind of pleasure can you get out of a house when you’re retired? Whether it’s for yourself or your parents, we have gathered 10 dream houses around the world that are suitable for the retired. Let’s begin and get inspired!

1. A warm house for you & your parents

House in Geochang 주택 by studio_GAON

House in Geochang 주택 by studio_GAON

This Korean-style house is designed specially for you to spend everyday warmly with your parents. Located among nature, it will allow you to experience a pause in time and freedom of the spirit. With mountain views and streams flowing nearby, this comfortable home is perfect for families who wish to live in a quiet, calm and naturey environment.

2. A fairytale-like home

클래식스타일 주택 by Müllers Büro 클래식

클래식스타일 거실 by Müllers Büro 클래식

This fairytale-like home designed by German architects MÜLLERS BÜRO reminds you just of Hansel and Gretel. The long vertical windows facing the garden is a clean contrast of the red exterior. Although it looks simple, it is certainly a dream house filled with coziness and joyfulness for the old ages.

3. A single-storey bungalow house

by Müllers Büro 컨트리

컨트리스타일 다이닝 룸 by Müllers Büro 컨트리

Designed again by MÜLLERS BÜRO, this house consists of only one storey. If you prefer wide horizontal complexes over high and vertical constructions, consider a single-storey bungalow house like the one in the photo. The German architects also created a nice gardening courtyard surrounding the house. To compensate its nature theme, the interior was furnished with wooden materials and lively plants.

4. A soil-like house with a comfortable impression

클래식스타일 주택 by Müllers Büro 클래식

클래식스타일 거실 by Müllers Büro 클래식

클래식스타일 다이닝 룸 by Müllers Büro 클래식

The MÜLLERS BÜRO has done a good job in balancing the colors of the exterior by appropriately using soil-like and neutral tones. The beige house blends utterly well with its surrounding greens, giving the whole picture a nice balance. However once you enter the house, the atmosphere will feel completely different. The spacious interior and wooden theme creates a sense of openness and also reflects an abundant amount of sunshine.

5. A house where you can enjoy the texture and temperature of wood

House of Nishimikuni by arbol 모던

House of Nishimikuni 모던스타일 거실 by arbol 모던

Japanese architect ARBOL has adopted a clean timber exterior for this retirement house, so smooth that you won’t even know where the entrance is at first glance. Designed specifically for retired couples, the soft lightings used around the corridors illuminate the timber walls to create an extravagant atmosphere at night. The interior is also decorated in wooden textures. But unlike the enclosed exterior, the inside of the house consists of wide glass windows which produce a great sense of openness.

6. A cozy and comfortable house

Once you’ve retired, you would want to give yourself the best commemorative gift for working so hard all these years. Houses like the one in the photo would be perfect for your long-living retirement life. Composed of a neutrally-colored exterior and light-gray roof, the American-style home overlooks a spacious garden and stunning swimming pool. Isn’t this perfectly relaxing for your retirement years?

7. An impressive house made of concrete and bricks

If you wonder what it’ll be like staying in the city, take a look at this Japanese house for some inspiration! The bottom floor of this complex is used as a garage, while the actual living area lies on the second floor. Despite being away from the rurals, the architects have built an outdoor garden on its terrace for those who wish to live among nature. This solid concrete house made of bricks is overall very impressive in its design and construction.

8. A house among nature

If you wish to live among nature and make the most out of it, we have a house to show you by Swiss architects VON MANN ARCHITEKTUR GMBH. In the photos, you can see how the house is surrounded entirely by small hills and trees. They have also utilized full glass windows to create an open house. The charm of it is emphasized at night especially, when the warm lights inside ignite and give life to the whole environment.

9. Modern house with spacious frontyard and interior

Designed by AL ARCHITEKT from Austria, this horizontally extended complex is composed of two storeys. Here, you will once again see how large glass windows are used to create a sense of openness. The open house also faces a spacious green field that blends well with the white exterior and blue sky.

10. A warm open house

This open house is designed by Austrian architectures AL ARCHITEKT as well, who has used big glass windows as the center of focus again. This time, the outer frame of the exterior is constructed with timber. The ceiling or roof of the first floor extends out on the left, which then naturally forms a terrace on the second floor. This simple design creates a perfect unity among every part of the house.

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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