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10 beautiful pictures of pooja rooms from 2017

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One more year is over. One more time we are in a festive mood, preparing to bring in the New Year with same enthusiasm as we welcomed 2017. The good thing about us Indians is that we always make a new beginning by offering our prayers and thanking God. Isn’t it? Let’s gear up to welcome 2018 by renovating our pooja space. Today we have compiled 10 beautiful pictures of pooja rooms from 2017. Get some inspiration from here and create a pooja space of your own for 2018. Let’s dive in for ideas.

1. Focal point of the home

Modern architecture is all about integrating space elegantly. This pooja space has been built right in the middle of the living and dining room and also serves as the partition. Beautifully carved wood hangs from above making it look like a traditional temple. It’s pure and elegant!

2. Elegantly modern

Change is the only constant! Everything changes with time, even the pooja room. If you don’t have enough space for a proper pooja room in your home, don’t worry. Get some idea from here and make your temple in a beautiful art piece adorning the wall of your living room. It’s stunning!

​3. The colours of faith

Colours play an important role in religion and faith. Red and yellow are considered to be a pious colour and are extensively used in temples and in all pooja rituals and traditions.

​4. Peaceful rendezvous with God

Cool niche of the wall with pious colours on it, a simple pedestal, a beautiful statue on it, flowers in a pot and filtered light emanating from the stone lamp; it is a perfect pooja space to seat in peace and meditate.

​5. Temple made of wood and glass

Four walls of glass create a peaceful abode for God. Exquisite wooden carvings of wood on the glass look elegant and enhance the mystic charm of the pooja room.

​6. Textures on the wall

Lattice work on one and rough texture on the other wall and smoothness and calmness all around; the beauty of this room is in its simplicity and openness.

​7. Rangoli on the floor

Making rangoli is in our tradition which we especially do on auspicious days. Make everyday auspicious and place designer tiles with rangoli design imprinted on it in your pooja space. It will naturally define the pooja space in your home.

​8. Tinkling door

small but beautiful pooja room is made in the space between the two rooms. Wooden stand to keep the images, wooden floor with cushions to sit comfortably for prayers and beautiful door with bells hanging from it creates an auspicious environment with its chime. It is amazing!

​9. A serene corner

A small niche of the wall has been designed to be a serene and beautiful corner pooja space and it is simply mesmerizing. It is kept simple to make it look elegant. The hanging brass lamps and brass statues is elevating the essence of the space.

​10. Magnificently graceful

Beautiful temple made of marble, calm marble floor, spectacular doors, warm wooden ceiling with marble dome and an amazing chandelier hanging from it; it is simply magnificent.

If you are looking for some amazing ideas to build a temple in your small home, then this ideabook is for you: 9 pictures of peaceful pooja room for small homes

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