9 rustic facades that will impress you in more ways than one!

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9 rustic facades that will impress you in more ways than one!

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러스틱스타일 주택 by Rocha & Figueroa Bunge arquitectos 러스틱 (Rustic)
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No one can deny that there’s something about colonial or rustic houses that appeals to the warm feelings in us. Stone, brick, wrought iron and earthy hues have a character of their own and can make the simplest of homes amazing. Hence, we have collated the images of 9 country style houses that will leave you in awe.

1. Simple yet beautiful

Smooth clay-hued walls and the entrance clad with local stones make this big house very attractive and welcoming. The tall green grass in between the windows lends contrast and freshness.

2. Simply gorgeous in dull pink

This beautiful colonial style house with pink walls, wrought iron railings and glass windows is a sight for sore eyes. It is nicely complemented by the lush garden in front. Credit goes to the architects at Housing Argentina SA.

3. Delicious in chocolate

We love how the chocolate coloured walls of this charming home pairs with wooden doors, wrought iron grilles and shingles on the roof for a warm and rustic appeal.

4. Brick for a raw and earthy effect

This rustic house has reddish brick walls for a warm and cosy feel. The corner window is of special interest as it brings in tons of sunlight and offers a lovely view.

5. Colonial beauty

Stone walls and beautiful details make this colonial style house a visual delight. The gentle arch of the wide entrance and those above the wooden doors has been nicely complemented by the manicured lawn and cacti.

6. Charming house with a porch

The spacious porch of this pretty house boasts of stone tiles on the floor, solid columns, wooden beams and shingles on the roof. The beautiful arched doors add to the attraction.

7. Elegant in stone and brick

Since using stone to cover the entire facade is often very expensive, locally sourced grey stones have been used to line parts of this facade for a very rustic and earthy look. And the stone goes well with the red brick walls too.

8. Magic with black stone

For an exclusive look, there’s nothing like using black stones for the facade. This home does it brilliantly, and pairs the stones with modern lines and a rustic roof.

9. Traditional chalet style

러스틱스타일 주택 by homify 러스틱 (Rustic) 벽돌

The beauty of a chalet is timeless and this is what this big house mimics with tiles, exposed bricks and stones. The soft neutral tones of the house are well contrasted by the bright greenery all around.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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