What should my front door look like? (7 Feng Shui Ideas)

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What should my front door look like? (7 Feng Shui Ideas)

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Feng Shui is essentially the system of laws that govern the spatial arrangement and orientation with regard to the flow of energy, or chi, the effects of which are taken into account when designing buildings and homes. The principles of Feng Shui are often thought to balance the flow of fresh pure energy into the house. The front door, or main door is considered very important in Feng Shui as the house gets it's chi through the front door. The stronger and healthier the influence, the better the quality of the energy for the inhabitants of the house. Adding strength to your front door could be as simple as repainting it to an auspicious color or perhaps ensuring a clear path to the door. Your front door should be made as inviting, welcoming, and attractive as possible! So how about you open your front door wide so as to let these wonderful ideas in?

1. The positive energy of air and light at the front door

Light at the entrance is a necessity as it adds a vibe of positivity to your home. Also to be noted is that space is of the essence. Be sure that you do not clog the entrance of your home with unwanted artifacts that might interrupt the free flow of energy into your home.

2. Attract the right energy at the door

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Floral prints or fabrics in blush skin color tones are often linked with love and marriage energy, even romance! If cupid's arrow hasn't struck yet, you know what to do!

3. Add the beauty of flowers to the front door

What better way to welcome your family and friends into your home than with the sweet smell of freshly picked flowers? A simple vase with flowers plucked from your garden can make all the difference really, so be sure to give this one a try!

4. Use the colors of Feng Shui for the front door

Each color belonging to nature's palette signifies meaning in Feng Shui. Earthy colors, corals, pinks and reds are great additions to the entrance of the house.

5. Make use of Feng Shui objects at the door

Feng Shui has a number of elements that can be used to balance the chi in your home. From the use of aquariums to attract prosperity to perhaps the use of crystals for the achievement of personal goals, the list is plenty to choose from. Be sure to pick out the right elements to add to your entrance.

6. Keep it minimal at the front door

Bamboo is said to protect the house from all kinds of negative energy. Adding it at the entrance stops all the negative energy right there!

Adding greenery to your home is never a bad thing. If you're looking for some inspiration on those lines, look here!

7. Make use of the five elements at the entrance

Each of the five elements of Feng Shui i.e, wood, fire, earth, metal and water are represented by certain colors that can bring about harmony in a particular place.

Be sure to add these elements in so as to bring about the right kind of energy.

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