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17 beautiful pergolas and sheds for your terrace or garden

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If you are looking for a stylish way to protect your garden or terrace from the weather, pergolas or sheds are great ideas. These can not only look great, but you can laze around under them or enjoy a book or a lavish afternoon tea with friends. So, take a look at these 17 awesome designs to get inspired now.

1. Stunning in wood and glass

homify의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

This elegant wooden shed looks great with glass doors, as the space looks open and bright, yet you are protected from the rain and harsh winds.

2. Independent and classy

Decorated with drapes from the suppliers of curtains and blinds at Decor Outdoor, this wooden pergola is perfect for summers as well, since you can control the amount of sunlight.

3. Inexpensive and readymade tent

A cheap yet sturdy and stylish tent can look great in your modern garden or terrace.

4. Robust structure and bamboo roof

Sturdy pallet furniture, a beautiful bamboo roof and pristine white drapes make this shade a very natural and cosy affair.

5. Beautiful in wood

This gorgeous wooden shed has been crafted with creativity and it opens up to the patio for an airy feel.

6. Consider your guests

If most of your friends and family hate heat, install thick drapes for harsh summers. And for little ones, keep a plastic table and chairs handy. 

7. Make use of the entire yard

A large pergola like this one can make your entire yard a resting space, and with an inclined roof, you can ensure that rain water drains off.

8. A warm wooden porch with the house

Instead of a separate structure, you can create a beautiful shaded porch with wood so that it connects with the home’s interior better.

9. Trendy and simple

This pergola features neat lines, is simple, minimal yet very eye-catching.

10. Use your terrace

You can cover your open terrace to create a relaxation spot and get more usable area for your home.

11. A pergola for the fence!

Pérgola 모던스타일 정원 by maispaisagem 모던 우드 우드 그레인

If you have greens lined up against your boundary wall or fence, install a pergola like this to shade them and look beautiful. 

12. Perfect for a rustic patio

homify의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

The look of this spacious rustic patio has been enhanced with a wooden and rustic style pergola.

13. Consider your facade’s design

If you have a continuous roof and a projecting balcony as shown here, you easily have a shaded area!

14. Combine different materials

homify의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

This one looks awesome with its brick and wood combination, which is rustic yet very unique.

15. Keep it simple

homify의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

Rendered completely in white, this pergola is very minimal and basic, yet looks amazing.

16. Roof in wood and bamboo

homify의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

This shaded porch has a stunning roof in bamboo and wood, while it opens up to the refreshing garden for airiness.

17. Easily done

homify의 촌사람 같은 , 러스틱 (Rustic)

Minimal yet solid, this wooden pergola is a proof of the fact that it is very easy to make one.

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