15 entrance hall table styles to marvel at

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15 entrance hall table styles to marvel at

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We all know that the entrance hall in a home is the key to making a great first impression on guests, but how do you know which elements to really focus on and invest in? Well, ask any talented interior designer and they'll tell you that the table or sideboard that you put in place can make or break that all important lasting impression and we're going to prove it to you, today! Whatever the age of your property and regardless of if you've tried to create a minimalist contemporary home or a rustic country aesthetic, we think you'll spot your perfect hallway table right here, so let's take a look!

1. Scandinavian.

Defined lines and natural wood will add a touch of simple glamor to any hallway and keep a more European look alive and well. This is also a timeless aesthetic to commit to.

2. Modest.

Whether you have a small hallway or simply don't need a huge table, a minimal and modest installation will work wonders. A small bowl for house keys or a plant is the perfect accessory.

3. Retro.

If you love all things stylish and retro, a funky sideboard could be a perfect hallway table and with cabinets underneath, you'd be able to enjoy the bonus of hidden extra storage as well.

4. Ornate.

Who doesn't yearn for the odd piece of really ornate and fabulous furniture in their homes? We know we do and a decadent antique table is the perfect addition to any hallway. What a focal point!

5. Contemporary.

Less is more, as modern decorating fans know, which is why this sleek and eye-catching hallway table is such a dream. A piquant combination of chrome and gloss white, it really stands out, while offering great functionality.

6. Repurposed.

Who says that your hallway table has to start life as an actual table? There are plenty of fantastically multifunctional pieces of furniture that you could put to good use, such as an IKEA bookcase, as seen here!

7. Rustic.

For homes with a more country aesthetic, rustic hallway furniture is such a brilliant idea! A shabby chic hallway table really sets the one for the wider decor and offers so much pretty charm too.

8. Extra simple.

Super simple and almost invisible hallway tables are great, as they are there when you need them but don't draw too much attention when you don't. Ideal for minimalist or smaller homes, a basic trestle table always works beautifully.

9. Wood and white.

In terms of brilliant finishes for a hallway table, you can't go wrong with a mix of white and natural wood. Elegant, easy to integrate and pretty as a picture, this scheme just always works perfectly.

10. Danish.

With shapely legs, chic handles and made exclusively from teak wood, Danish sideboards make for exemplar entrance tables. So gorgeous and eye-catching, they just have a way of bringing a real authority to a space.

11. Mirrored.

For a modern look, mirrored hallway tables are a great option and they have a secondary bonus too, in that they can create a sense of extra space in a small area. What a clever idea!

12. Minimal.

The look of this industrial minimal table is really pleasing, don't you agree? So simple, yet perfectly executed and surprisingly artistic, it is effective without being overbearing. Charming.

13. Classic.

homify의  복도 & 현관, 모던

There's nothing wrong with a little classic decor! If there was, it wouldn't actually be called classic and this sweet little entrance table is proof of how good it can look. Simple yet very pretty, it adds a sense of heritage.

14. Eye-catching.

3deko의  복도 & 현관, 모던

If you love to be different, why compromise when it comes t your hallway table? Bold colors, large designs and even unusual shapes will all contribute to a fantastically enticing and eclectic home.

15. Antique.

Bandon Interior Design의  복도 & 현관, 컨트리
Bandon Interior Design

Country House in Tenterden

Bandon Interior Design

Finally, even the most modern of homes can find space for a well-placed antique! A lovely slice of history in a home's hallway is always a great move and will really keep guests guessing too. What could be better?

For more hallway advice, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 tips for making your home entrance stand out from the get go.

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