The stunning transformation of a house in Camps Bay

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The stunning transformation of a house in Camps Bay

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Changing the interiors of a house is a lot more difficult than breaking it down and building it again. If you are looking forward to changing the interiors, then this ideabook will be of great help to you. It gets even trickier when you have a small place to decorate. Let’s take a guide of this private residence in Camps Bay through its before and after pictures that complete change the home.

​ 1. Blue and grey interiors

The interior designers chose a cool combination of blue and grey as it is very simple yet powerful.

2. TV room

Different shades of grey dominate the TV room to get a relaxing feel.

3. TV room – before

The private residency owner had toddlers, so the TV room was always full of toys, which almost so space to move around.

4. TV room – after

Custom made cabinets were built around the television, so that the toys can be stored away and hidden when guests arrive.

5. Seating area

Sofa of the TV room is perfect for a family of four to relax, watch movies, and play games sitting on the cozy area rug.

6. Structure of the TV room

The cabinet doors don’t have handles but instead handles are carved into them, so that children aren’t able to open them.

7. Built-in kitchen

To provide extra storage, a built-in kitchen is ideal for such a tiny place.

8. Modern kitchen equipment

Modern kitchen equipment always makes the kitchen look bigger and give an industrial appeal.

9. Dining room

It is modern with a mid-century touch. The dining area is bright with all the natural light coming in through the glass doors.

10. Kitchen – before

Can you see how clustered everything looks? It gives a messy appearance to the kitchen.

11. Kitchen – after

In the after photos, the kitchen look much sorted with all crockery hidden behind the cabinets.

12. Bathroom – before

Dark colors of the bathroom before renovation made it look smaller.

13. Bathroom – after

The new tiles of the bathroom makes it look brighter and more spacious. The marble and herringbone pattern gives it a lot of character.

14. Bathroom storage

Extra storage everywhere works wonder and the bathroom is no exception to it.

15. Living room – before

Before renovation, the living room was a perfect example of a mess. The couch didn’t match the carpet and there were too many things out on the display.

​ 16. Living room – after

The blue and dusky grey sofa complemented the new blue walls. The piano looks brand new with the new polish and books are more sorted with the tall library. 

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