A Contemporary Home with Retro Décor and Industrial Style

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A Contemporary Home with Retro Décor and Industrial Style

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The house you are going to step inside shortly has been renovated to suit the needs of its current owners. The interior architect has done a fabulous job of retaining some of the old features of the house. Those features have been perfectly blended with the needs of a contemporary home. It has been given an unusual industrial flavour.

Retro themed dining room

The open plan dining area has been furnished with wood top table and Eames chairs. Mismatching chair is another one of the modern trends that you may consider to opt in. The large dining room dresser increases the storage area. The interior stylist has also retained the old room heater to giving the space a retro look. Thanks largely to the presence of the glass panelled window, the space remains filled with sunlight. Trendy lighting fixtures act as embellishments.

A book lover’s delight

This space is bound to delight any book lover. The shelving system around the spacious door way is filled with books that the owners enjoy themselves. With the help of the architect, they have really managed to optimise storage space in the small confinement of their home. This space leads you to a small hallway and then to the kitchen.

Interesting hall décor

Perhaps you too have some of an old gramophone record player or sewing machine tucked in some corner of your home. You can now take a cue from the hallway décor of this trendy family home and take out some of your vintage items from their hiding places. They will add beauty and unique style to your living area. This corner of the dwelling also basks under the light of the wall mounted fixture with adjustable arms. Wood flooring increases the charm of the space.

Living room

The living room is decorated with a comfy sofa and Barcelona chair. A simple centre table is placed in front of the sofa. A wooden ladder has been placed in the space. It is used to store away magazines and newspaper. Beautiful vases have been strategically placed in the various corners of the room. Open plan architecture allows a free flow of communication between the spaces.


Though the kitchen is small is decorated with sufficient storage space and other necessary features of a modern kitchen. The owners have opted for wood flooring in the kitchen. This is becoming increasingly uncommon in modern kitchens. Metallic doors with glass panels and cupboards made of lightweight alloy metal accentuate the industrial nature of the décor. The triangle between the fridge, oven and sink ensure that the space remains functional and a comfortable to work in for long hours. An old telephone receives decks up the top of the refrigerator.

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From this image, you can see a glimpse of the narrow corridor that leads up to the front door. Sliding doors separate the inner quarters from the outside. The darkness of the windowless corridor has been dispelled with the help of artificial lighting fixtures. A strategically positioned large mirror brightens up the corridor and makes it look more expansive.

En suite bathroom

The bedroom is decorated in a comfortable fashion. It is furnished with a simple bed and built in wardrobes. The en suite bathroom is visible from the image itself. The colour scheme is simple and dominated by white. Door frames in pitch black shade adds contrast. The wood flooring increases the warmth of the ambience.

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