A Home Visiting from Another World

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A Home Visiting from Another World

Izelle du Pisanie Izelle du Pisanie
모던스타일 주택 by Schiller Architektur BDA 모던
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The family home we will visit today on homify is located on a southern slope in the community of Fils Valley, Germany. The building's position on the hill ensures its access to beautiful views of the entire valley beyond. Besides the lovely view the home is privileged to, it is also an excellent example of modern architecture and has its own aesthetic charm. 

The architectural firm involved with this project, Schiller Architects BDA, based in Uhingen, made best use of the space available on the property, while promoting functionality along aesthetically pleasing features. For this reason, we will see the abundant use of concrete in the structure of the building. It is a modern home through and through, and we can clearly see the accuracy and meticulous design that is characteristic of German architecture.

Join us for a look around…

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Against the intense azure sky, we find our bright white and modern house settled on the side of the slope, as if hunching in wait for its owners or guests. It certainly seems like a unique building amongst its peers in the neighbourhood.

From the street level, the driveway of the house slopes into the hillside and up to the motor garage below ground level. This driveway is enclosed on either lateral side by trapezium-shaped extensions of the home's exterior walls, creating a clear division of the house's boundaries and making the space feel safer. 

Above the garage, we can see the upper levels of the home, a shell mostly constituted of glass.

Back angle

Now we get to walk around to the rear of the home and find ourselves on a luscious carpet of bright green grass. This area is perfect for family days spent outdoors, sunbathing, picnics and daily play for children. The garden of the house was raised about 2 metres above street level by means of concrete blocks and in line with the home's first floor, in order to ensure privacy in the garden area. 

Both of the floors of the house we see from this vantage point are separated from the outdoors mainly by glass. The second floor, however, has less transparency and is partially covered, indicating that this is the private level of the home, reserved for bedrooms and family bathrooms. 

Futuristic staircase

As we have already noted, concrete is featured heavily in this home. We can observe this immediately in the first space we view inside the home. This staircase is situated against a backdrop of concrete, and complemented by other modern and industrial-inspired materials in the same monochromatic colour scheme. 

The stairs leading up from the basement garage to the first floor consist of concrete itself, whilst the stair treads connecting the first floor to the second are made of steel. These treads appear very futuristic due to the use of material, the geometric and hollow shape constituting the treads, and the appearance of the treads floating upward with no support. The stair boundary on the left is made of glass, which ensures that the design of the staircase can be clearly seen and appreciated in full. 

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Grey comfort

The living room is located on the first floor, which houses the social and public spaces of the home in an open-plan style. The colour scheme is straight-forward: a tonal scale from white to black, with different greys taking preference. It is impressive to see such diversity created with only the use of this monochromatic colour scheme. 

The furniture is minimal and there is a complete lack of ornamentation. The large and luxurious L-shaped sofa is upholstered in black leather – the heaviest visual element in the room. Underneath the sofa is a shaggy grey rug, topped with a simple white coffee table. Surrounding this ensemble, the rest of the space is clear, exposing the immaculate white floor of the room. 

Clarity of space

From the staircase and behind its glass border, we are given an opportunity to view and appreciate the simplicity of the home and the clear division of space in the open-plan area. Closest to ourselves we see the living room we have just explored, and at the rear of the area we can see the dining room. Although there are no physical boundaries between these spaces, the furniture is arranged in such a manner that one can clearly identify the respective spaces. 

The dining room area is also as simple in design but is striking in its modern aesthetic. The dining table and the accompanying chairs are also black, as to continue the theme of visually heavy furniture elements in the lighter, grey surroundings. A continuity is created throughout the home's interior by means of this design strategy.

Striking features in the bathroom

We end off our tour of the family home in the Fils Valley by popping into the bathroom. The familiar colour scheme is continued in here, and this time, black is used to draw our attention to the shower, which is luxurious in size. The rear wall is tiles in large, matt black tiles, which create an interesting focal point. 

The bathtub is just as lavish in size, and is situated just below a skylight in the ceiling. Can you imagine taking long, lazy baths in the evening whilst staring at the stars? It definitely must be a treat!

The rest of the room consists of squares and rectangles in whites and greys, with ample storage space sufficient to anyone's needs. This bathroom is unmatched in modernity for sure!

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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