A Contemporary Home Full of Creativity

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A Contemporary Home Full of Creativity

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모던스타일 거실 by Studio Ezube 모던
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Not every home can truly reflect the passion for art and culture, its owners might have. But the Bansal’s residence is different. It seamlessly blends modern architecture with artistic decor and the beauty of nature. Designed by Studio Ezube, interior architects in Delhi, this abode gives equal priority to aesthetics, functionality and comfort.

As you already know, Delhi is not just the capital of India, but has also witnessed the rise and fall of several empires over ages. The city is a melting pot of different cultures and ideas. On one hand the city’s dwellers are keen on retaining their heritage, and on the other hand, they welcome the boons of progress too. And this will become evident once we begin the tour of the Bansal’s home. So get ready to be wowed by living spaces which reflect varying moods, and have been done up in impressive ways.

The love for outdoors

It is impossible to ignore the allure of a porch which is not just inviting, but also interesting. It looks over manicured grass, lush vegetation and a snug swing which promises utter relaxation. Don’t miss the gorgeous creepers hanging over the porch.

Tasteful seating arrangements have been made, in case the family wants to enjoy some fresh air in the evenings with near and dear ones. The presence of a ceiling fan and lights adds to the comfort. The wall behind the porch chairs provides visual delight with a decorative screen made of metallic chains, an ornate mirror, and a variety of quirky masks.

A unique entrance

The intricate lattice-like woodwork on the ceiling caught our eye when we entered the house. It was created from scratch as desired by the Bansals. The same pattern is also reflected by the glass door, making the entrance a stunning experience for all. Recessed lighting further augments the charm of the faux ceiling design.

Eco-friendly living

We just love how this spacious living and dining area has been adorned. Sophisticated and plush sofas offer ample seating, and complement the light-coloured floor wonderfully. Greeneries exhibit the family’s love for nature, and are flaunted both in pots and against the wall adjacent to the staircase. Delicate cove lighting enhances the tranquil ambiance subtly.

The staircase next to the generously-sized dining table is crafted from wood and glass, for a warm and stylish feel. The space underneath it houses inset shelves and intelligently positioned artworks, all lighted brilliantly. Wall arts also enthral your senses as you climb the stairs to reach the first floor.

A room for sharing bright ideas

This living space stands out owing to its balance of colours. The black glossy false ceiling goes extremely well with the white walls and flooring. Framed art adorns the walls while funky, vibrant cushions add playful touches to the sober, grey sofas. Wall sconces and a sleek free standing lamp illuminate the room in the evenings. During the day, the artsy window screen lets in diffused natural light.

Grand reception

In the Bansal’s residence, this is the expansive living area where important business guests are received, or when the extended family comes over. The use of ornamental wallpaper on one of the walls is simply elegant. Luxurious white sofas and ottomans, along with glass coffee tables and comfy rugs create a welcoming atmosphere. Opulent lamps, figurines and flowers complete the look. A mix of recessed and cove lighting infuse the space with calmness.

Unwind in peace

This bedroom comes with a cosy, earthy feel, owing to the false ceiling made of wood. Wall arts find their place behind the bed, under sconce and recessed lighting. The bedspread and the window drapes are in earthy tones too. A small table and a couple of chairs near the large window, offer a spot for quiet reflection or casual chat over coffee.

As our tour ends, we hope you enjoyed exploring the Bansal’s home as much as we did! For more inspiring ideas, feel free to take a look at this ideabook – A tropical home with an Indian touch.

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