​The elegant Stellenbosch home with vineyard views

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​The elegant Stellenbosch home with vineyard views

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
모던스타일 복도, 현관 & 계단 by Hugo Hamity Architects 모던
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Location, location, location… today’s homify 360° gem undoubtedly reminds us about the importance of choosing the spot to lay down roots. But even though we at homify are big fans of beach views or homes located near mountains or lush forests, there is something to be said about living near a vineyard. Especially one in a fabulous ‘wine country’ as Stellenbosch, Cape Town. 

Hugo Hamity Architects from Johannesburg had the opportunity to design this elegant property. With projects scattered about the country (in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and elsewhere), Hugo Hamity Architects was the perfect choice to introduce a strong combination of creativity and professionalism to the project. 

Taking the classic Cape Dutch-style homes as a starting point, their design was given a modern makeover to make it ideal for 21st century living. These professionals also chose to base their layout around an open courtyard, where the house’s swimming pool is also located.

Let’s see some visual representation of this gorgeous 550m² dream home…

A heavenly setting

There she stands: the open, modern courtyard surrounded by the house, with a gleaming blue pool announcing the socialising (and relaxation) hot spot of the home. 

And in the background? Uninterrupted views of the Stellenbosch vineyard, streaming through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows.

A convenient layout

Even though that courtyard with its pool and wooden deck has us all envious, the professionals in charge ensured that their design was also committed to a practical lifestyle, in addition to visual aesthetics. That’s why the courtyard is linked up with the open-plan living kitchen area, as well as the bedrooms at the end of the composition, making for easy movement between the various spaces.

And did we mention that all the bedrooms have their own en-suite bathrooms?

A warm touch

Even a sunny place as Cape Town can be prone to chilly weather, which is why the experts in charge ensured this stunning focal piece in the open-plan living room and kitchen: a fireplace which also acts as a braai/barbecue for those social occasions.

Monochrome beauty

See how this open-plan space manages to flaunt an elegant, timeless look thanks to not only the modern furnishings and fixtures, but also that stunning monochrome colour palette. 

Black and white, after all, are known as the king and queen of colour contrasting!

The dream veranda

Before we check off this 360° discovery, we take a look at the covered patio/veranda. This space also serves as a living- and sitting area, an extension of the internal open courtyard to the garden.

Modern/contemporary furniture pieces ensure a visual link with the indoors’ décor.

And, of course, it is also privy to views of that amazing vineyard below.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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