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5 materials to use as kitchen cabinets

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We live in an era of excessive choices. Right from the style, designs, colours, patterns or even materials; go to the market and believe us, you will get confused. While the style, colours, designs and patterns can be selected after a little brainstorming, for a layman who has little or no knowledge of materials, it is really difficult to choose the right material for the kitchen cabinets.

Today we have come up with 5 best materials that can make your kitchen cabinet shine and make the kitchen look amazingly beautiful. Have a look!

​1. Eternal charm of wood

Undoubtedly wood is the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen cabinet in India. Polished or painted, wood is preferred for its natural charm and elegance it brings into the space. They are categorized under hardwood and softwood depending upon the source from where it has been obtained. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees which shed its leaves once a year. Softwood is from evergreen plants. It is easy to design the kitchen around the wooded cabinets. Wood is durable, non-toxic and it looks classy.

2. ​Lamination on the top

Wood is prone to damages especially in kitchen where it can easily take in moisture and get stained. So technology came up with lamination to cover the wood and prevent it from damages. Laminates are thin sheets which are pasted over plywood, MDF (Medium- density fibreboard) or particle board as a protective and decorative layer over the boards. These boards are cheaper than solid wood and when laminated with laminates it becomes stronger and exquisite. Laminates come in wide variety of style, designs, patterns and colours. Made in factory, it is cost effective and now it is vastly used in modern kitchen.

​3. Natural feel of wood veneers

모던스타일 주방 by homify 모던

For those who love the natural charm of wood but budget is restricting them then wood veneers are just for them. Veneers are slices of solid wood pasted over the boards just like laminates. The only difference is that laminates doesn’t need any other treatment once out of the factory and veneers need to be polished after it is pasted on the boards to get the desired texture and colour. But once complete it looks like a replica of natural wood and reflects the same warmth and elegance.

​4. Strength of plastic

Although choking the world, still plastic is much in demand even in home furniture for its strength and durability. PVC (Poly-vinyl chloride) sheets are compressed and composite sheets of plastics treated and manufacture to last lifelong. This material is inexpensive, water and oil proof, easy to install and is tough. It can be moulded and customised to fit the style and colour of your kitchen.

​5. Power of metal

Metals have also gained popularity in modern kitchen for its durability, low maintenance and variety it offers. Though mostly used in commercial kitchen, its convenience has brought it to home. It is expensive, but it’s worth an investment since it can last forever. Just make sure that it is treated well and rust resistant.

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모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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