Modern and stylish houses in Cebu City

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Modern and stylish houses in Cebu City

Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify
Yaoto Design Studio의  주택
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As a highly urbanized city in Central Visayas, Cebu City is a bustling metropolis with over a thousand commercial and residential properties portraying modern style and function. With more and more aspiring homeowners in the area who are inspired to upgrade their homes and build new ones, modern architecture and interior designing is definitely a first on the list. 

Today at Homify, we're highlighting a few stylish house projects by our amazing architects based in Cebu City!

Classic bungalow with a relaxing surprise

Modern small families and newly-wed couples in Cebu City always opt for the more convenient and less expensive type of house structure -- the bungalow. For a one-leveled house with abundant space for the bedroom, kitchen and dining area, living area, and bathroom, it's definitely the perfect option for the small, first time homeowners. 

This lovely bungalow by Yaoto Design Studio, a highly-recognized architectural firm in Cebu City, features colors and materials that are conventional and up-to-trend. It's very classic and subtle, yet its simplicity speaks for its modern and minimal style. Don't underestimate its plain style though. This bungalow also offers a refreshing terrace spot on the rooftop!

Smart and convenient design

Modern houses in Cebu City are also about incorporating bright designs that make the busy Filipino life a whole lot easier. As featured earlier, this bungalow design proudly highlights its terrace area on the rooftop. To save space inside the home interiors, the stairs are attached outside of the house. That way, homeowners and guests lounging around the backyard can directly move up the stairs to access the terrace area. Plus, it's unique and different from all the other neighboring residences!

Here's another ideabook featuring a small bungalow with refreshing interiors!

High-class appeal

Yaoto Design Studio works on various projects from budget-friendly houses like the first bungalow design, to classy, sophisticated build like this house project pictured above. This two-story family home screams pure modern beauty. Everything about the design exudes a timeless beauty mixed with minimal and modern influences. The classic all-white ensemble creates a very fresh approach to the design, and the tiny black details add a modern touch. The wooden details also add a sense of coziness to the layout, which makes it ideal for bigger families. 

Clean lines and sharp angles

Modern houses in Cebu City are all about its edgy and precise designs, too. It's too obvious to notice that modern style features a lot of clean lines and angles that make the exterior layout very contemporary. This home project pictured above shows a lot of straight lines, squares, and rectangles that truly imply the modern style of the home. 

It is also somewhat similar to the previous house layout regarding the exterior wall. Both layouts highlight an eye-catching, blank, white wall that acts as an accent to the exterior architecture of the house. It's a new trend in modern style that Cebuano architects love to incorporate in their designs!

Glass details that pop out

Architects in Cebu City also love to make use of glass. Glass is a well-loved material for exterior designs because of its sophisticated and elegant appeal. Anything with glass makes it high-class, thus, a favorite materials for modern houses. 

Shown above, this two-story property features a lot of glass details. It almost implies a church-like aura which makes by-passers stop and stare to adore the extravagant vibe. Black steel sidings accent the glass and wooden features to add more pops of modern style.

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