A sophisticated home in Quezon City

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A sophisticated home in Quezon City

Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify
모던스타일 거실 by Idear Architectural Design Consultancy 모던
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Many young entrepreneurs, college students, couples, and even small families living in Quezon City are all hyped about convenient living. This is where the trend with 1-bedroom units and studio units come into action. Quezon City is flourished with dozens of condominium residences and buildings that feature modern and classy designs. 

Located at Azure Urban Residences and styled by Idear Architectural Design Consultancy, here's a stylish and sophisticated-looking 1-bedroom unit perfect for the solo type, the couple, and the new family!

Contemporary design meets classy style

Contemporary and classy? Get the best of both worlds out of this condominium unit! Clearly from this photo, a whole lot of style and class shows out in the interior layout. A lot of different aspects also come together as one, sophisticated outcome. 

The contemporary side of the design shows through the mix and match of patterns in the living room. Zebra patterns blend in perfect contrast with the orange stripes and squares as if they were totally similar colors. The classy and elegant influences exude through the shiny chandelier and glass details. Plus, for a small-spaced unit, the wide mirrors double the size, making it look wider!

Elegant details that shine through

Moving to the kitchen area, the elegant style continues. Who would've thought that the workhorse area of the house where all the grit and grease can be found could look like a million peso masterpiece? This eye-catching kitchen area features its focal points -- the backsplash and accent wall. Both these focal points highlight a mosaic design made of small golden tiles that absolutely stand out from the rest. The layout features a lot of white action to have these two front acts shine. 

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Clean and minimal palette

Sophistication doesn't only limit to being shiny and sparkly. An elegant design also features clean and crisp aspects with very minimal details that still look high-class. Pictured above, the bedroom's study or work area is surrounded by cabinets and drawers coated in plain white. As plain as it may seem, white is actually a bold, strong color portraying purity and modern style. 

Mix and match of trendy patterns

This elegant unit flows its classy vibe from the living room and kitchen area to its lovely bedroom! Patterns in different pastel tones and unique designs flourish all over the pillows and sheets that definitely make it a stunner. The sheets catches the attention, thanks to its royalty-like silver and blue tones. Not to mention, the side lamp is completely out of this world! To balance out the light hues of the bedroom, touches of dark blue and black even out the palette. This unit in Quezon City is just haven of beauty and sophistication!

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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