A stylish and modern house project in Talisay City

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A stylish and modern house project in Talisay City

Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify
모던스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by homify 모던
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Style and comfort are two essential components in any home, especially in a house of 4,5, or even 6 dwellers. For a huge home, it might be a challenge, but for Architecture Creates Your Environment Design Studio, it's definitely a piece of cake. Among their successful projects, Homify has chosen to feature their awesome renovation and expansion project in Talisay City, Cebu. A property worth 3.3 PHP, this stylish family home will surely inspire any homeowner. 

The perfect family home

by homify 모던

Right from a neighbor's point of view, this house certainly creates a lasting impression of both style and comfort. The stylish details such as the design, layout, and colors blend in perfect unison with the cozy elements like the materials used in the property. It doesn't look too grandeur nor too simple -- it's just the right amount of perfection for the modern Filipino family!

Spacious outdoor lawn

by homify 모던

Entering the premises, the house boasts its wide and spacious backyard area. A lovely, green lawn creates a chance for home dwellers to enjoy basking under the sun. This is perfect for families with children during afternoon playtime or fun indoor camping. Moreover, pops of greenery flourish all over the outdoor yard. Trees and plants all create a refreshing look in the house.

Relaxing lounging area

모던스타일 발코니, 베란다 & 테라스 by homify 모던

After a tiresome day playing under the sun with the kids or working an entire shift at the office, wouldn't it be nice to have a relaxing spot sit back and unwind? Speaking of refreshing, this house has the most ideal area for relaxation. The warm wooden floors just beautifully match with the comfy rattan chairs.

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Modern cozy interiors

모던스타일 다이닝 룸 by homify 모던

Moving on with the house interiors, the stylish and comfy vibe follows through. The palette is quite subtle and simple -- lots of whites ad browns, with splashes of black in certain areas. The materials used are also very conventional for a family type of house and the design is very minimal as well. This creates more space for the home dwellers.

Seamless flow of spaces

모던스타일 다이닝 룸 by homify 모던

For a huge house, space still needs to be utilized wisely. The interior layout of this house shows a lot of open and fluid spaces that create a seamless flow. The living room directs the dwellers to the dining room and from there, it directs to the kitchen area. Plus, stylish dividers make the spaces even more eye-catching. This specific spot highlights its wooden divider that serves as a partition to the two seperate areas. 

Classy choice of materials

모던스타일 욕실 by homify 모던

The choice of materials can make or break it in a house project. For a residence that is promotion style and comfort at its best, this bathroom shows us how both can be done effortlessly. Cool tiled walls and clean granite counters blend perfectly with the sleeker details like the glass bathroom doors. 

Easy and convenient garage

by homify 모던

What's a family home without a house for the family car? Vehicles need protection too, but of course, with style and comfort. This open carport features a sleek and slanted garage rooftop which creates a modern vibe in the exteriors. Moreover, the details surrounding the carport like the outdoor walls and concrete pathways tie up the overall modern vibe of the house. Simply perfect in every angle!

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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