​Modern interior design by Singapore professionals

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​Modern interior design by Singapore professionals

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Designer House의 {:asian=>"아시아틱", :classic=>"클래식", :colonial=>"식민지 풍", :country=>"컨트리", :eclectic=>"에클레틱", :industrial=>"인더스트리얼", :mediterranean=>"지중해", :minimalist=>"미니멀리스트", :modern=>"현대", :rustic=>"촌사람 같은", :scandinavian=>"스칸디나비아 사람", :tropical=>"열렬한"} ,
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Today’s piece of inspiration comes from Singapore-based Designer House. Incorporated in 1999, this interior-design company has been commissioned to design and decorate numerous residential and commercial projects. 

A quick look at the company’s portfolio will showcase projects detailing everything from tiling, carpentry and electrical works to ceiling designs, painting, and interior design makeovers. And although based in Singapore, Designer House’s expertise has also led to them expanding their company to Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai. 

Let’s have a look at some examples that detail the high-quality works and commitment to excellence one can expect when working with Designer House.

A fresh living space

Walking into this enticing living room is like a breath of fresh air. All of the right interior design touches have been included: clever layout, buckets of natural light, a firm commitment to artificial lighting, adequate seating options, and a colour palette that includes just the right amount of tints and patterns to avoid looking dull.

Notice how the red of the scatter cushions complements the warm hues of the wood, striking a firm balance with the neutral/earthy tones of the room.

A more contemporary design

Although equally stylish and inviting, the second living room flaunts a much more contemporary approach to design. However, the ‘too sleek’ look is skilfully avoided by including lots of delicious texture, especially on the focal wall behind the television – is there anything better than textured stone to include character and detail in a room?

A 5-star hotel vibe

Not to be outdone by the others, this living room makes expert use of its legroom to flaunt is spacious layout. The layout of the contemporary sofas forms a neat circular design, enhanced by the curvy design of the coffee table and colourful floor rug.

And let’s not overlook the fantastic cityscape views that flood indoors via those double-storey windows. Talk about a double dosage of beautiful views and natural lighting!

To see more visuals that detail the expert qualities of Designer House, feel free to scroll ahead.

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