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Smart storage to get your bathroom in order

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by Yonoh
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Every home seems to need more storage but some rooms are worse than others for having a large number of belongings always out on show. We think the worst offender is the bathroom as there will always be a huge number of toiletries and hygiene products that need hiding away, as well as clean towels. 

Bathroom storage can be a little cumbersome and bulky so we have found some ideas that we think offer a wealth of practicality but also look good and add a stylish touch all of their own. After all, function and fashion can be the very best of friends!

Hidden drawers

Bathroom storage cupboards are useful, there is no denying that, but for smaller, more fiddly items, drawers are fantastic and can be easily concealed. Take a look at this example, from Helm Design. The large fronts look like cabinet doors but open one up and you have a fabulous deep drawer with a shallow one for smaller items. Genius!

We love the inclusion of handy organisation in the form of the shallower drawer as we can see that being perfect for hair bobbles, contact lenses and spare toothbrushes, which are all items that get swallowed up in a larger cabinet.

Hooks and baskets

by Yonoh

In a small bathroom, making good use of the wall space is essential and we are absolutely enamoured with these super industrial wall hooks with pretty little fabric baskets hanging from them. What you put in them would be up to you but we can see them being great for hiding away an air freshener.

In a family home these could be even more fun as everyone could have their own basket in a colour of their choice with personal items in there. Ideal for preserving female modesty when it comes to hygiene and the ideal solution to keep kids a little more organised, this is a bathroom storage solution for everybody!

Divided shelves

If you already have some bathroom storage in place but you need a little more, why not think about dividing your shelves up? You might not think that you will gain any extra room but you'll be surprised. One big shelf, at double height, can't be filled to the top as you won't be able to get anything out, but splitting the shelf into two, allows you twice the storage. Clever, huh? It's all about perception!

If you can't trust yourself and your family to be tidy, put opaque doors on the front of your shelving system, but if everyone is attuned to the organised aesthetic you are trying to create, then we always think frosted glass looks terrific.

Pull-out cupboards

homify의 컨트리 , 컨트리

More commonly reserved for and seen in kitchens, we think these pull out larder shelving systems are absolutely fantastic and don't see any reason at all why they can't be put to brilliant use as innovative and useful bathroom storage.

What makes them so perfect for a bathroom is that they are often very narrow and made to fit extremely awkward spaces, which bathrooms are notorious for and can't you just imagine how ideal one of these would be for hiding away the plethora of shampoo bottles that every household collects? 

Awkward space cupboards

Hidden Storage 클래식스타일 욕실 by Workshop Interiors 클래식
Workshop Interiors

Hidden Storage

Workshop Interiors

As we've just said, bathrooms have a nasty habit of creating awkward spaces but you can use this to your advantage when it comes to creating usable bathroom storage! By building cupboards into the awkward spots, you can not only make more of a feature of them and make them seem deliberate, you can also do away with 'dead zones'.

These parts of a room, where no conventional furniture will fit, are a nightmare so by building your own items you can fill them with whatever you want and not be fighting for space.

For more bathroom design inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas. Perfect finishes aren't for everybody!

모던스타일 주택 by Casas inHAUS 모던

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