A modern apartment design by Pretoria architects

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A modern apartment design by Pretoria architects

Nancy Amon _ homify Nancy Amon _ homify
Blunt Architects의 현대 , 모던
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Energy and the embracing of great innovation drive the team at Blunt Architects. Their careful attention to detail and workmanship is seen through all their projects. That being said, they offer superb designs for commercial and residential buildings. This is a perfect example of their work right here in Hatfield with this unique block of flats called 'The Hills 281' boasting 21 units, parking bays and outdoor entertainment areas.

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Let’s explore The Hills 281 in this post!

Stylish and contemporary exteriors

homify의 현대 , 모던

This is a street view of The Hills 281, boasting its remarkable contemporary architecture design. Mixed materials such as red face brick and plastered walls on the exterior give it the low maintenance quality whilst still showcasing a modern feel you get when looking at it from the outside.

Balconies and large outdoors

homify의 현대 , 모던

Each apartment enjoys elevated viewing with spacious balconies that can accommodate some outdoor furniture where suited. The back area is great for entertaining guests with extra braai areas and a lush green garden lawn for kids to play whilst being in the safe confines of the property.

Contrasting exterior paint work

homify의 현대 , 모던

Contrasting paintwork as seen in the exteriors of the building creates a beautiful blend adding to the tasteful creativity that went into this modern apartment building in Pretoria.

Overlooking the parking lot

homify의 현대 , 모던

With some apartments having the selection of two balconies, it gives these residents options for alfresco dining on either side of the flat. These balconies are overlooking the parking lot and can enjoy sun and shade throughout the day.

Good from every angle

homify의 현대 , 모던

The Hills 281 is simply a delightful and stylish apartment building no matter which side or angle you’re viewing it from.

Trees adding to the beauty

homify의 현대 , 모던

The driveway entrance to the block of flats embraces the beauty of nature featuring trees and lawn on the outside and inside of the property.

Functional kitchenette

homify의 현대 , 모던

These units also showcase lovely functional kitchenettes that give you just the right amount of space to whip up a meal whilst having guests over to join. It is spacious and features enough storage.

Enough space to make it your own

homify의 현대 , 모던

The master bedroom enjoys the easy access to its very own private balcony, perfect for taking in the fresh air early in the morning. On top of that, the room is not lacking in space and you can truly go about customising your room to suit your style.

Outdoor entertainment and parking

homify의 현대 , 모던

With even more space to entertain guests outside, these apartments feature extra seating close to the braai areas and parking bays. Needless to say, The Hills 281 is not short of innovation and functionality that people can truly enjoy.

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