A stand-out modern home in the heart of Cebu City

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A stand-out modern home in the heart of Cebu City

Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify Lei Adrienne Segovia – Homify
homify의  복도 & 현관, 미니멀
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Tucked in a premiere village in Cebu City where Mediterranean houses flourished, this sleek and up-to-trend home stood out from the rest with its modern style. ACE Design Studio has done it again with the creation of a chic and stylish home through smart designing tricks. Check out this ideabook to see how this house turned out to be such a showstopper!

The majority of white speaks a lot.

homify의  일세대용 주택, 미니멀

White is such a clean and clear color, but is also a very strong and dominant tone in the world of colors. As pure as it may look, white can definitely set a bold mood to any home owner's house. As shown in the exteriors of this house, the all-white walls create a crisp, modern style that exudes sophistication in every angle. Pops of black and midnight blue on the glass windows and sidings act as perfect accent colors to the main star of the show -- the white walls.

Sleek and clean lines make everything flawless.

homify의  일세대용 주택, 미니멀

Another major characteristic on modern-styled houses is the sleekness of lines and angles. Straight lines, whether it may be vertical or horizontal, create a sturdy and solid picture of the structure. This helps to carry out the modern approach of the design. 

Pictured above, the overall structure of the house is made up of straight lines. No curves are found, as this softens the exterior design. The house executes a strong look, standing out from the crowd.

Bricks bring contrast to the modern vibe.

homify의  계단, 미니멀

This house has all the characteristics of a trendy, chic, and modern style. Clean lines and black and white colors flourish all throughout the design. What's surprising is that underneath all that minimalist design is a warm and cozy brick interior that completely sets the style to a whole other level. The contrast of the large brick wall that also acts as a staircase actually turns out to be a potential focal point of the room. Its old-fashioned vibe unexpectedly blends with the interiors of this fine home.

An abundance of glass exteriors show sophistication.

homify의  복도 & 현관, 미니멀

As obvious as it is, this house is not just about its perfectly clean lines and crystal clear white palette. This modern home is also crazy about sleek glass features that totally stands out! Check out the picture above to know the definition of sophistication. The all-out, large glass windows speak a lot for this chic design. Not to mention, the glass details are also tinted from outside while looking open from the inside. This reflective glass design is installed to give the owners the privacy they need while still making the interior feel open and homey -- a smart design trick indeed!

The minimalist approach creates a modern feel to the design.

homify의  복도 & 현관, 미니멀

Of course, modern and minimalist approaches always go well together. This is what this house design is inspired with. Fro the front entrance to the interiors of the property, the minimalist style plays the hero. A majority of white and black dominate the interiors. Bricks and dark wooden details add a touch of coziness to the house. As for the decor, a little a goes a long way. A couple lighting fixtures finishes the overall interior design of this refreshing stylish home!

For more minimalist ideas, check out these 7 secrets to creating a minimalist home.

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