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8 beautiful ​South African homes with pools

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When it comes to the scorching South African weather, nothing beats diving into a crisp cool swimming pool. And the fact that summer has sidestepped spring this year and made its presence known with rapidly rising temperatures got us thinking about the beauty that is the private pool.

How many other outdoor features can instantly convey a sense of serenity (and perhaps lavishness, depending on the design) like a swimming pool? Or increase a house’s selling price? Or influence the style power of a house party? 

Let’s indulge in a few images that speak of South African homes with pools, and also sneak a peek at one of our country’s architectural masters that can help you achieve your own…


Based in Johannesburg, Peridot Architects is one of our country’s most experienced architectural companies. A multi-disciplinary team with a diverse (and expanding) portfolio, this firm is fully committed to creativity, innovation, and deluxe results, regardless of the project. 

With each architectural design (pool or no pool included), these seasoned professionals aim for the dynamic and the unexpected while still allowing the finished result to reflect its own personality. 

See the marvellous way in which this modern structure complements the equally modern swimming pool located a few steps from the front door.


The second feature on our list opted to have its prized pool located at the rear instead of the front. And the fabulous way in which the covered patio rolls out of the interiors before becoming a spacious wooden deck that links up with the swimming pool immediately has us thinking about planning the perfect pool party this summer.


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The third example shies away from the traditional square-shaped design and opts for a very modern L-shaped pool – quite the perfect touch, seeing as it twists beautifully to complement the linear style of this super contemporary home. 

And that open-style patio with its modern furnishings? The ideal touch for some outdoor socialising!


Off to Cape Town, where our fourth examples awaits. This beauty, flaunting the modern-colonial style with precision, opted to have its dream-like swimming pool also located at the back, where it beautifully fits into the L-shaped yard.

Notice how the entire rear side of the house beautifully opens up onto the pool and lawn via balconies, glass doors and generous-size windows.  

And even though the swimming pool is not the most spacious ever designed, it still adds the perfect touch to a back yard that is clearly meant for socialising with friends and family!


How often does one get to enjoy a house with an ocean view? Not that often, which is what makes this Camps Bay beauty one of our favourites here on homify, especially since it also happens to have this wooden deck patio (spacious enough for multiple furnishings and guests) and elongated swimming pool!

And the ocean view? That is flaunted on the extreme left side of the image, just beyond the deck’s railings, meaning one gets to enjoy a view of the vast Atlantic Ocean while taking a cool dip in the pool!

Let’s enjoy a few more images of proudly South African homes featuring gorgeous swimming pools.


Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it! See these 10 pools perfect for small yards.

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